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How to edit your automated journey email content
How to edit your automated journey email content

Add in your logo, edit the text or change the design

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Editing your Automated Emails

So you've probably noticed we set you up with a few automated emails (these are different to transactional emails as they can be unsubscribed from as they fall under the marketing category) that are ready to be switched on when you are. You don't need to turn all of them on - just the ones you choose.

But if you'd like to make some edits to the content first. Too easy - here's how...

Step 1: Open the automation you'd like to edit

To do this simply click on the Automation tab then scroll down and click on the name of the automated journey you'd like to edit.

Step 2: Open up the Email attached to this automation

Simply click the email you'd like to edit. We've highlighted where you should be clicking in pink below.

Step 3: Edit the email settings

On the left hand side of the screen you'll be able to edit things such as the email subject line, the Sender name and email address etc. We'll have already configured this for you, but you're welcome to change it.

☝️ Please note we strongly recommend you leave the sender email as [email protected] to ensure deliverability as our domain name has been authenticated for safe non-spam delivery. You can then tick the 'Send any replies to a different email address' and set your own reception email so you receive the replies.

Step 4: Edit the email content

Scroll down a little more and press the Edit email content button:

This will open our drag & drop email builder! All you need to to is click on the text you'd like to change and get typing. You can also click on any buttons and change the destination link or insert images, videos, more text, buttons and more.

You can even insert personalisation that is stored for this patient in the Patient list.

To do this, simply click the Insert button in the text editor then click Custom Fields then Patients and select the custom field you'd like to insert such as Last Appointment Category or Total Visits.

🖖 Want to remove the Peptalkr branding? Of course you can! Just replace the image with your own logo (and delete the 'powered by' text or change it to 'sent to you from'). We've already sized that image area nicely for you so your logo should look great in there!

Step 5: Preview your changes

Once you've made your changes, you can send yourself a test email or Preview then save (both these buttons are located in the top right of the screen).

Click the Save & return to journey button once you've reviewed your changes.

Step 6: Turn on your automated journey

Use the big green button in the top right of screen to turn on your journey once you are happy! You can toggle your automations on/off at any time.

Step 7: Create your own automated journey

We've set up some journeys for you to turn on/off as you please. But you might want to create your own journey with more specific patient segmentation! Here's an article on how to filter down who receives your automations more specifically (such as if you want to send different recalls per treatment type or category or practitioner) and here's an article on creating your own segments.

Stuck or have questions? We're here to help. Just use the chat bubble in the bottom right of the screen.


👉 Once a journey is switched on, it will start sending from that moment forward as soon the trigger condition is met. It will not sent retroactively. You'd have to send a campaign targeting retroactive patients to do that. For example if you wanted to send a recall to all patients who haven't visited in over 6 months, you could send a campaign targeting the Recalls (over 180 days) segment. That will then be send to every patient that is already in that segment, then the Automated Journey will send the email to anyone who enters the segment in the future.

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