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Filtering your automated emails
Filtering your automated emails

How to filter who receives the emails you send

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So you'd like to get a bit more granular with your patient targeting when it comes to sending automated email - awesome!

One very common example of filtering we get asked about is sending different lapsed recalls depending on the appointment category booked. For example - perhaps you want to send regular recalls for Chiropractic patients, but you want to send much less frequent recalls for Physiotherapy patients. And maybe you don't want to send recalls at all to anyone who attends a Yoga class.

In this article we'll walk you through how to filter your recalls by appointment category or appointment type.

Step 1: Create a segment with your filter options

Create a new segment and define a rule based on Last Appointment Category (if you'd like to filter by the modality booked - e.g Chiropractic) or Last Appointment Type (if you'd like to filter by the name of the appointment type booked (e.g Initial Consultation).

Use the second dropdown to select your matching option (you'll most likely use matches exactly - but you may choose 'contains' if you'd like to target multiple appointment categories/types that share a similar word).

Then type in your appointment category/type. In this case we'll be doing Chiropractic.

☝️ If you're not entirely sure what you can type here, open up Cliniko and go to Settings then Appointment Types to see all of your Appointment Types and Categories.

Name your segment something descriptive such as Last Appointment Category is Chiropractic and hit the save and preview button. This will tell you how many people are in this segment currently.

Step 2: Open up an existing recall or create a new one

We've imported a number of recall automations into your account - so you could start by opening the 7 day recall and making a change to only send it to Chiropractic patients.

Or you could use the Duplicate button to duplicate an existing recall.

Either way, on the Send Email tab scroll down to Automated Journeys (or click on the Automation tab) and look for the email titled Recalls - 7 Days then click on it OR hover on it until you see the duplicate icon:

Click on the name of your Duplicated recall. This will take you to the Automation builder.

Step 3: Open up the Email attached to this automation

Simply click the email you'd like to add the filter to. We've highlighted where you should be clicking in pink below.

Step 4: On the left hand side of the screen tick the Send to specific segments box.

Now you can select the Segment you just set up to filter this Recall. Hit save once you are done and make sure you Rename your recall to give it a descriptive name. For example Recalls - 7 Days - Chiropractic

Voila! You just filtered a recall to only send to a specific segment of patients. 🙌

Be sure to press the Turn on Journey button in the top right of the screen!

☝️ Please note that DNA recalls and Missed appointment recalls are transactional and cannot be filtered - one universal email is sent to all DNA/cancelled appointments. This keeps things simple for you and the patient by prompting them to rebook without the need for filtering.

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