We'll be the first to admit it - we're new to this whole tech start up thing! While I personally have much experience in the area of developing platforms and helping businesses to better market and manage their businesses - I've never been the founder and director of an app like this before.

As such - we know we might make mistakes from time to time, and perhaps we won't be totally perfect from day dot. But what we are is totally, absolutely, 100% committed to making Peptalkr better and better as often as we can.

Your user experience is our top priority, and giving youn the features you want is what we're ultimately here to do.

We have a lot planned for rollout over the next 6-12 months - new features that include things like reporting, shorter onboarding periods, more settings for you to play with and even better integration features with Cliniko.

As part of our promise to you that we'll always try our very best - we're locking our pricing as is for at least the next 12 months. While we play around with new features and possibilities within Peptalkr, we'll also be getting a gauge on how much it costs to effectively and securely provide these features to you. So while we're doing that - you won't see any incremental price increases no matter how many new features we add.

The cost of running our platform isn't the cheapest due to the full-fledged email platform we've integrated. But we are striving to give you all that you need as a practice owner/manager, while offering it at a price that you can afford and is totally worth it for your business.

From the bottom of my heart, I truly thank you for giving us a go! 😁

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