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Can I use Cliniko's Recall feature with Peptalkr?
Can I use Cliniko's Recall feature with Peptalkr?

How Recalls in Cliniko work.

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☝️ Please note that Automated Journeys are only available to users on an Unlimited plan. You can upgrade at any time to access these features.


Cliniko has a great recall feature built right in to the platform - so why would you need to use Peptalkr's automated recalls?

The answer is simple - Cliniko's recalls are not automated. The intention is that you can add a recall to a patient on the fly, then later on export all of your recalls and follow them up manually by letter, text or phone.

Peptalkr's recall system is different - instead of manually marking a patient for recall the system will automatically identify that the patient has not been in and send them an email. You can choose the duration of time between the patient's last visit and when the recall is sent. In fact - you can send recalls up to 6 times at the following intervals:

  • 7 days after their last visit

  • 14 days after their last visit

  • 30 days after their last visit

  • 60 days after their last visit

  • 90 days after their last visit

  • 180 days after their last visit

So can Peptalkr recall my patients on the date I've marked them for recall?

The way we connect to Cliniko is via their API - which is a fancy acronym that means 'place where data is stored' - we use your API keys to access the data in your Cliniko account. As of today - Cliniko does not include their recall data in the API - meaning we cannot see this data and therefore can't schedule automatic emails/SMS based on it.

Cliniko has assured us that adding Recall data to their API is in the works - but we don't have an estimated release date just yet. So for now, you can choose from the intervals in the list above - and as soon as recalls become available in the Cliniko API - you'll be sure that we will integrate this into our platform to make things even more personalised.


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