Contacting your patients has never been easier. Our super-duper user friendly interface means sending important text messages to any group of your patients can be done in minutes.

There are two main types of SMS you can send:

One-off blasts 🚀

These are SMS messages that you send in one big hit - such as an important announcement, special offer or bulk recall.

You select who receives it (filter by things such as last or next appointment date range, last practitioner seen, appointment type booked and more), and when they receive it - schedule it to send in the future, or send it now.

Automated Recurring 🕒

These are SMS messages that send themselves when certain things happen in Cliniko. For example, recalls that automatically send 7 days after a patients last appointment (when no future appointment has been booked), or an SMS that sends a survey link to patients 1 day after their last appointment.

There are countless SMS you can send using this feature. For more ideas click here.

How much does SMS cost?

At most you'll pay 10c per SMS, and if you buy SMS credits in bulk you can pay as little as 8c. Buy credits as you need them.

Doesn't Cliniko already have one-off blast capabilities?

Yep, but you can only filter by:

  • Last Business Visisted (if you have multiple clinics)

  • Last Practitioner Seen

  • Last Appointment Date Range

Whereas Peptalkr adds:

  • Next Appointment Date Range

  • Appointment category (of the patients appoinments within a specified date range)

  • Appointment type (of the patients appoinments within a specified date range)

  • Practitioner (of the patients appoinments within a specified date range)

  • Gender

And Cliniko sends some automated SMS already, right?

Cliniko can send appointment confirmation and reminders if you set them up. With Peptalkr you can set up many, many, many more kinds of automated SMS.

What phone number will the SMS messages come from?

They won't come from a number! They'll simply come from your clinic name. That way there is no confusion about who the text is from.

Can people reply to the messages?

Not at this stage. We suggest leaving your SMS reminders in Cliniko to allow for replies to those. We are looking into enabling replies in the near future!

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