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Introduction to sending email

The 101 on sending email with Peptalkr

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Peptalkr is a fully-fledged email platform. We're both a marketing email platform, and a highly advanced transactional email platform.

Peptalkr is capable of sending 3 types of email:

  1. Campaigns

  2. Automated Journeys

  3. Transactional

Wait, what the heck is transactional email?

Glad you asked. Transactional email is about to be your new best mate.

These are emails that are sent to patients when they interact with your business. They are generally not marketing emails, they emails considered very important to the patient experience.

For example - you book an appointment and receive a confirmation email. Then 2 days before the appointment you receive a reminder. Then the day of the appointment you receive an email thank you for your visit and asking for your feedback. Then a month later you receive an email prompting you to book your next appointment if you haven't already booked one. This is transactional email.

Cliniko users have so many reasons to send transactional emails! Here's just a few examples:

  • Appointment confirmations

  • Appointment reminders

  • New patient welcome and intake form link

  • DNA recalls

  • Cancelled appointment recalls

  • Asking how a patient's experience was

  • Sending a patient important information about a product they just purchased

  • Sending a follow up after a surgery with post-surgery care instructions

  • Sending an informational pack to a patient after discussing a specific issue they are facing during an appointment

  • Sending a patient an annual appointment reminder

You have the ability to set a transactional email as a marketing email if you wish - as some of these emails may be considered marketing under your local privacy laws.

In summary - transactional emails are triggered by specific touchpoints throughout the patient journey. Our transactional email builder is deeply integrated with Cliniko, allowing you a huge amnount of control over who receives what, and when. Most of your appointment-specific and invoice-specific emails will be created in the transactional email builder.

What other email can I send?

Plenty - here's some examples:

  • Newsletters (Campaign)

  • Announcements (Campaign)

  • Special offers (Campaign or Automated Journey)

  • Saying happy birthday to a patient (Automated Journey)

  • Referral thank you (Automated Journey)

  • Loyal patient thank you (Automated Journey)

Transactional Emails

Automated Cliniko email including recalls, reminders, welcomes + more

Automated Emails

General marketing automations including birthdays and educational series

Campaign Emails

One-off marketing blasts including newsletters and announcements

Is Peptalkr sort of like Mailchimp?

Yes and no... Peptalkr was built specifically to integrate with Cliniko. We have a much deeper integration than Mailchimp. And transactional emails are not possible with Mailchimp unless you hire a developer and build a custom integration into Cliniko.

Peptalkr has been developed over years to make building, managing and sending email easy. We leverage some of the world's most powerful email technology to power our platform.

Our drag & drop email builder is so simple to use and lets you build beautiful, mobile friendly email in minutes with your own logo, branding and even videos!

Is it like CliniqApps?

No. While some of what we offer solves the same problems, we go about it very differently.

Is it easy to use?

So easy! That is why Peptalkr exists. Humans are busy! So Peptalkr aims to be as simple as possible while still offering you a tonne of features so you can truly customise Peptalkr to your unique business - without having to go mad learning a new system 😡

Plus you've got our support! We are truly committed to bettering your experience, helping you out when you get stuck and going above and beyond. In fact we are your team! πŸ‘‹

Is customer support 24/7?

We're a small business πŸ› We are still growing. As such as haven't reached the point of 24/7 support. But we are here 5 days a week during AEST business hours and we reply quickly.

And if you are overseas - you'll generally receive a reply within 24 hours if it's a business day 🌎

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