Peptalkr has a drag & drop email builder where you design and endless amount of emails containing data specific to the patients receiving them.

To access the email builder simply click on the Send Email tab. When you first set up your Peptalkr account you would have specified which emails you'd like to send - so you will find a number of emails already set up for you by our team.

There are 3 types of emails you can send with Peptalkr. A short explanation of each can be found below.

Transactional Emails

Automatic emails your patients can't unsubscribe from - such as appointment reminders and cancelled appointment recall.

Automated Emails

Automatic Emails (that only send your subscribed patients) that are triggered when certain conditions are met - such as birthdays, lapsed patient recalls & loyal patient rewards. 

Campaign Emails

One-off emails campaign (that only send to your subscribed patients) created and sent by you - such as newsletters, announcements and special offers.

Got email lists in another email platform (such as Mailchimp) - no problem, you can import any mailing list into Peptalkr!

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