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Automated recurring SMS ideas
Automated recurring SMS ideas

Some helpful ideas to get you started!

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There are countless possibilities when it comes to automated recurring SMS. We've compiled a list of ideas and the settings you'd need to use to get them going.

Remember - you can SMS your patients with essential information and bypass the opted in to promotional SMS marketing setting. Be sure that you're adhering to AHPRA guidelines when using this feature.

Recalls for patients with no bookings

This one's our most popular use of promotional SMS! We consider lapsed patient recalls promotional, however, some clinics may consider them non-promotional depending on the treatment type. Please be sure to adhere to the AHPRA guidelines and exercise caution.

Recalls can be set up based on the appointment type, appointment category or practitioner (or a mix of all!). So you can get super specific with the content of your recalls and exactly who receives them.

You can select any date range for your recalls. Meaning - you can send a recall after any number of days with no booked appointments!

For example:

  • Send a recall to patients who do not book a follow up Chiropractic appointment within 7 days of their first appointment

  • Send a recall to patients to who do not book another Physiotherapy session within 30 days of their last appointment

  • Send a recall to patients who have had no appointments booked for 90 days

  • Send a recall to patients of a specific practitioner who have not booked in with them for 30 days

  • So much more!

☝️ Please note that DNA and cancelled appointment SMS recalls are coming soon! For now you can send this by email only.

SMS follow ups per treatment category or type

Trigger an SMS to send to patients 1 day (or any number of days or hours!) after their treatment to ask them how they're feeling, send them tips/advice or ask for feedback on their practitioner. You can filter the SMS to only send to patients who attended a specific treatment type or treatment category (treatment categories must be set up in Cliniko and assigned to each treatment type).

For example:

  • Send a 1 day follow up to all patients who attended an 'Initial Consultation' asking them about their experience by linking them to a feedback form.

  • Send a 2 day follow up to all patients who attended a 'Report of Findings' appointment in the 'Physiotherapy' category motivating them to get started on their treatment plan if they haven't already, and providing a link to some online videos on your website that will help them.

  • Send a 7 day follow up to all patients who attended a 'Standard Consultation' in the 'Remedial Massage' category who have not booked a follow up appointment asking them how they feel after their massage and asking them to book in again if they aren't quite 100% with a direct link to book online.

Pre-appointment SMS per treatment category or type

Similar to above, but send the SMS ahead of a scheduled appoinment rather than after.

For example:

  • 1 day before any 'Initial Consultation' send an SMS with a link to your online patient form. If you have different forms per treatment category or type, you can set up a different SMS for each using filters.

  • 1 hour before any 'Standard Consultation' remind your patients to fill in the form if they haven't already.

☝️ Please note our SMS system does not allow for replies at the moment, so remember to let them know to email you or contact reception, or add a DO NOT REPLY to the end of the SMS message.

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