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πŸš€ Send a one-off blast
πŸš€ Send a one-off blast

Send mass SMS to your chosen recipients

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Our step-by-step SMS builder makes it so easy. You'll be guided through the process and there are handy explanations at the bottom of each screen to answer any questions you might have.

To get started, head to the Send SMS tab.

Step by step guide:

Click the plus button to enter the guided SMS builder:

Step One: Name & Kind

Give your SMS a descriptive name and select One-off blast:

Step Two: Marketing or non-marketing

Now select whether your SMS is marketing or non-marketing:

Step Three: When should it send?

Now you can select whether to send it now or in the future.

Step Four: Filters to apply

πŸ‘‰ When you send a one-off blast you must select an appointment date range (i.e. a date range within which the recipient must have attended at least one appointment, or has one scheduled). This is so that you don't inadvertently text massive numbers of people. This step forces you to carefully consider who you're contacting and why. Saves you money and stops major fails.

Select the date range your recipients must either have attended or has upcoming

And yes - any other filters you apply here will be taken into consideration - i.e. if you apply a practitioner filter, recipients will only receive the message if the have an appointment in the date range with your chosen practitioner(s).

Now you can use more filters (optional)

Use the other filters to narrow down exactly who should receive this message. You can include or exclude your selections. Just click the include button to change it to an exclude filter.

Choose from:

  • Recall - tick this box if you only want patients without an upcoming appointment to receive this.

  • Business

  • Appointment categories

  • Appointment types

  • Practitioner seen/scheduled to see

  • Appointment count

  • Gender

  • Medical alert

How applying multiple filters works

Each filter selection you make within a category is treated with an 'OR' rule whereas the selections you make across filter categories is treated with an 'AND' rule. Learn more about this here:​

Step Five: Frequency

Select whether a patient should receive a fresh copy of this SMS if the triggering event occurs again.

Step Six: Write your message

Write your SMS and use the personalisation dropdown to insert data specific to the recipient or your business.

Step Seven: Summary

Review your settings. And check out the approx cost at the bottom for an estimation of both recipients and credits:

Once you're sure - go ahead and click finish to send it (or schedule it).

And yep - you can edit scheduled SMS before they send. You can also cancel scheduled SMS. You can not do either of these things if you select Now.

πŸŽ‰ Guess what? You did it! If you want to see who received the message check out the SMS log.

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