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Applying multiple filters to triggers
Updated over a week ago

When you utilise multiple filters to refine your triggers targeting, it's important to understand how combinations of these filters interact. Peptalkr uses straightforward logic to keep things simple.

Within a single filter category: The 'OR' Rule

When applying multiple selections within the same filter category, we use an 'OR' rule to broaden your search. This means that if you select multiple options within a category, such as two different products, our system searches for any match to either selection.

Example: If you select Product A and Product B within the products category, our system includes items that contain either Product A OR Product B.

Across multiple categories: The 'AND' Rule

When you apply filters across different categories, each category's filter is combined using an 'AND' rule. This approach narrows your search to items that meet all the specified criteria from each category you've filtered on.

Example: If you choose Appointment Type X and Practitioner Y from two different categories, our system includes items where the appointment type is X AND the practitioner is Y.

Combing both multiple selections within a category, and multiple categories: We use both rules

If you're combining multiple selections within categories and applying filters across multiple categories, our system integrates these approaches. Within each category, selections are combined with an 'OR' rule, while different categories are connected with an 'AND' rule. This method allows for precise refinement of your search or selection criteria.

Example: If you choose Appointment Types W and X in one category, and Practitioners Y and Z in another, our system looks for items where the appointment type is either W OR X, AND the practitioner is either Y OR Z.

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