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How do patients unsubscribe from SMS?
How do patients unsubscribe from SMS?

If a patient no longer wishes to receive promotional SMS from you.

Updated over a week ago

Peptalkr uses the Marketing Promotion preference from your patient's Cliniko profile to determine whether they are subscribed to promotional SMS. The setting in Cliniko looks like this:

If the SMS checkbox is ticked, they will receive SMS. If it's unticked, they won't. When you are sending a marketing SMS, the patient will ALWAYS have the option to unsubscribe. By law, we need to give recipients the option to unsubscribe to any marketing SMS. This will be automatically attached at the bottom of the SMS as a link that the patient can select and unsubscribe. As soon as they do this, their Cliniko profile will automatically update to be unsubscribed for all future marketing SMS

However, we do offer you the option to bypass the opted-in for marketing checkbox if you need to send essential SMS that is not promotional. If you are sending an SMS that is NOT a marketing message, it will send even if the patient is not opted-in for marketing SMS. This is because non-marketing SMS are essential to the patient's interaction with your business.

When building your SMS, this page will be the one where you decide if it is a marketing SMS or not:

A patient CAN NOT unsubscribe from non-marketing SMS. This is because they will not receive important information about their interactions with your business (like booking confirmations) if they were able to.

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