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How do patients unsubscribe from email?
How do patients unsubscribe from email?

If patients no longer wish to receive promotional and/or transactional email from you.

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Automated Email Journeys & Email Campaigns

Your patient list in the email builder only contains the email addresses of patients who have opted in to email marketing in their Cliniko settings.

This means that any automated email journeys or campaign emails will only send to those who have opted in.

Additionally, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email that patients can use to opt-out of email marketing. If the patient opts-out, their email marketing preference checkbox will be updated in their Cliniko profile.

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are different. As these are considered essential communications, these are sent to all patients with an email address regardless of whether they are opted in to email marketing or not.

That said, we will not send email confirmations if the box is not ticked in the Cliniko profile, and we will not send email reminders if the patient has opted to only receive SMS reminders (or no reminders) in their Cliniko profile:

If a patient wants to not receive any transactional emails at all, you'll need to remove their email address from their Cliniko profile alltogether.

Please note if you are sending email confirmations and reminders with Peptalkr, you should disable these in Cliniko so that you are not doubling up on emails. To disable them - simply disassociate any appointment types with your confirmation and reminder templates by going to your 'Settings' in Cliniko and clicking on both 'Appointment Reminders' and 'Appointment Confirmations'.

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