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How do patients unsubscribe from email?
How do patients unsubscribe from email?

If patients no longer wish to receive promotional and/or transactional email from you.

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When you sign up to Peptalkr, your entire patient database is imported into Peptalkr. However, we actually store two distinct databases for you:

The non-marketing list is used for non-marketing Transactional email (emails that patients receive regardless of their marketing status, and which cannot be unsubscribed from by the recipient).

The marketing list is used for automated journeys, campaigns and marketing transactional email. This list can be unsubscribed from, and additionally - will only contain the email addresses of patients who comply with your Peptalkr 'Active Patient Limit' settings located on the settings page of your account:

Unsubscribing from the marketing list

Patients can unsubscribe themself by clicking the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the marketing email they received.

Campaigns and Automated Journeys will automatically add this link to the bottom of every email you send.

However, marketing Transactional email require you to add the Unsubscribe link yourself. But this is only necessary if you have set that Transactional email trigger to 'Marketing':

To add the unsubscribe link to a marketing Transactional email simply use the unsubscribe variable - step by step instructions can be found here:

What if I want to manually unsubscribe them?

No problem! All you need to do is:

  1. Go to the Send email tab of Peptalkr

  2. Click on 'Lists & Subscribers' in the top navigation

  3. Click the list name you wish to unsubscribe them from (e.g. Patients)

  4. Type their email address into the search field:

  5. Click the 3 dots on the right hand side and press 'Move to unsubscribed'

πŸ‘‰ If you have ticked the checkbox pictured here on the Peptalkr Settings page:

"Only sync patients to my email marketing list if they are opted in for email marketing ion Cliniko"

Then your patient marketing list in Peptalkr will only contain the email addresses of patients who have been opted in to email marketing in their Cliniko settings pictured here:

So you can untick the 'Email' box above to unsubscribe them for an even faster way to remove a patient from marketing email.

Note: We don't recommend ticking this box unless you understand the implications of using this setting - detailed here.

Unsubscribing from the non-marketing list

Transactional emails are different. As these are predominantly considered essential communications, that are sent to all patients with an email address regardless of whether they are opted in to email marketing or not.

Unsubscribes are not possible unless you have set the trigger to 'Marketing':

However, there are still several ways to exclude patients from receiving non-marketing transactional email:

Unsubscribe from Confirmations and reminders

You can easily opt a patient out of Peptalkr confirmation and reminder emails by using the checkboxes in their patient file under Communication Preferences:

  1. Untick 'Receive booking confirmation emails' to stop them from receiving any booking confirmations by email

  2. Deselect 'Email' from 'Automated Reminder Type' to stop them from receiving any booking reminders by email.

πŸ‘‰ The above will only work if you have configured your confirmation and reminder trigger to respect the Cliniko communication preference. To do this, edit your trigger and tick the 'Is this a confirmation' box for appointment confirmations:

And tick the 'Is this a reminder?' box for appointment reminders:

Unsubscribe from specific transactional emails

You can easily opt out a patient from any other type of non-marketing transactional email by using a specially created Medical Alert.

  1. Create a medical alert with a logical name such as 'unsubscribe-recalls'

  2. Add this medical alert to the patient you wish to unsubscribe

  3. In your Peptalkr trigger settings - go to the Filters step and click 'Other' then 'Medical Alert' and search for your unsubscribe-recalls medical alert - click it.

  4. Set the filter to exclude - to do this, press include once.

Save your trigger and that's it! Now you can unsubscribe patients at need by adding the medical alert to their patient file.

In our example, we created a specific 'unsubscribe-recalls' medical alert, which will be used as an exclude filter on all of our recalls - however, you can create more medical alerts for other types of unsubscibes such as:

  • unsubscribe-all

  • unsubscribe-feedback

  • unsubscribe-followups

How you set it up is up to you - but it's entirely flexible so you can craft it to your unique needs.

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