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Peptalkr Changelog
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Version 3.8.0 - June 2022

  • New Feature: When an invoice is closed trigger
    A trigger for 'When an invoice is closed' which will be triggered when an invoice is paid/closed out.

  • Tweak: The [appid] variable will now pass through the invoice ID or patient ID where there is no appointment ID available (i.e triggers that use events that are not appointment-based). Furthermore, the form webhook will automatically recognise which ID is being used and associate form responses to the patient.

  • Tweak: One off blasts that are 'send now' will be immediately queued for sending, and cannot be edited or deleted. Scheduled SMS will remain editable/deletable if they are still 'Scheduled' for sending.

  • Fix: Fixed an issue where if you edit a scheduled one off blast, the appointment date range resets and you need to select your dates again. Now the previous date range is remembered.

  • Fix: Fixed an issue where automated recurring SMS that were paused due to insufficient credits were not auto-restarting once topped up and had to be manually started again. Now it is automatic.

  • Fix: The marketing list's 'Businesses visited' field will now use the business display name if there is one entered in Cliniko, else it will fallback to the business name.

Version 3.7.0 - May 2022

  • New Feature: Product filter
    A Products filter has been added to the trigger builder where the trigger is related to an invoice (e.g When an invoice is created)

  • Admin: Database caching and further optimisations

Version 3.6.0 - March 2022

  • New Feature: New custom fields in the marketing list
    The marketing list now stores more information about the subscriber to allow for advanced segmentation:
    - Attended Categories: (A comma separated list of all appointment categories the patient has attended)
    - Attended Types: (A comma separated list of all appointment types the patient has attended)
    - Practitioners Seen: (A comma separated list of all practitioners the patient has seen)
    - Businesses Visited: (A comma separated list of all businesses in that Cliniko account the patient has visited)
    - Last practitioner email: (The email address of the last practitioner the patient saw)
    - Next practitioner email: (The email address of the next practitioner the patient is scheduled to see)
    - Medical Alerts: (A comma separated list of all medical alerts in the patient's Cliniko file)
    - Actual First Name: (The patient's actual first name, even if they have a preferred name entered)
    *Changes are synced every 5 minutes

Version 3.5.0 - March 2022

  • New Feature: Send automated marketing email with triggers
    Triggers can now be used to send marketing email as well. You can select between 'marketing' and 'non-marketing' during the trigger creation process. If you choose 'marketing' then the email will not send to any opted-out/suppressed subscribers.

Version 3.4.0 - December 2021

  • New Feature: Forms automatic patient identification
    Forms can now identify the patient filling in the form without them having to type their name and date of birth if the user sends the form using a trigger and inserts the [appid] variable. Preferred name, gender and medicare reference number are now supported and will be directly mapped to the corresponding field in Cliniko. Feedback form responses can now be saved into the patient file.

  • New Feature: Suppression list
    Adding email address to the 'Suppression' list will ensure they are never synced into the Cliniko patient marketing list. If an email is then removed from the suppression list, they will then sync into the patient list. Allows users to better manage people they never want to contact for marketing purposes.

  • New Feature: Cancellation link
    Patients can now cancel their appointment from within an SMS or transactional email where the [cancellationlink] variable is used.

  • New Feature: Patient email
    Users can now insert the patient's email address into the body of an SMS or transactional email using the [patientemail] variable

  • New Feature: Business address
    Users can now insert the business address into the body of an SMS or transactional email where the [businessaddress] variable is used.

  • New Feature: Business phone
    Users can now insert the business phone number into the body of an SMS or transactional email where the [businessphone] variable is used.

  • New Feature: Actual first name
    If a patient has both a 'first name' and a 'preferred first name', the [firstname] variable will use the preferred first name as priority over the actual first name. A new variable [actualfirstname] can be used to insert the actual first name instead of the preferred first name.

  • Fix: Intake form webhook was passing a blank referral source into Cliniko if the source was a subtype of a parent category.

  • Admin: If a user changes their active patient limit multiple times in a short space of time, syncs are not overlapped. The most recent sync will run only.

  • Admin: More user data is passed into Intercom for improved customer service efficiency.

  • Tweak: Merged patients handled better. This adds the new Patient ID to an existing appointment and marks the old appointment (with old Patient ID) as deleted/archived.

  • Tweak: Update to the Peptalkr ABN on PDF invoices to reflect merged company ABN for Nomadigital Pty Ltd

Version 3.3.0 - September 2021

  • Database optimisation

  • Speed optimisation

  • New Feature: One off transactional emails
    Users can now send one off blasts as transactional emails. Ideals for important announcements that are non-marketing in nature.

Version 3.2.0 - September 2021

  • Tweak: Cliniko 'opted in for email marketing' validation improvements

  • Fix: Improved daylight savings handling

Version 3.1.0 - September 2021

  • New Feature: Telehealth links can now be inserted into Transactional email and SMS using the [telehealthlink] variable

  • Tweak: An SMS opt out link is automatically included in the body of all marketing SMS. Clicking it will ask the user to confirm they would like to opt out of SMS marketing. If they click yes, their Cliniko profile will be updated to be opted out of SMS marketing.

  • Tweak: Further international SMS improvements

  • Tweak: Patient DOB recorded on PDF in dd/mm/yy format

Version 3.0.0 - September 2021

  • Major infrastructure improvements

  • New Feature: Group Appointments
    Group appointments are now fully integrated with Peptalkr and can be individually targeted with email and SMS, as well as be used for appointment counts.

  • Fix: Resolved sex bring imported as gender, it is now explicitly biological sex.

  • Fix: Improved international SMS handling.

Version 2.5.0 - August 2021

  • Admin: Improved logging system

  • Admin: Improved import logic

Version 2.4.14 - August 2021

  • New Feature: See how many patients are in each 'active patient limit'
    Allows better transparency over your indicative plan costs by displaying a close-to-accurate number of subscribers in each active patient limit.

  • Admin: Improved invalid API key handling

Version 2.4.13 - August 2021

  • Fix: Appointment count trigger bug where 'exactly' was being treated as 'at least'

Version 2.4.12 - August 2021

  • Fix: Resolved .ics files reflecting incorrect timezone in some email clients.

  • Admin: Resolved an issue that caused appointments that were updated in Cliniko during a Peptalkr scheduled sync to fail to sync the updates into the PT database.

Version 2.4.11 - August 2021

  • Admin: Sunset the former transactional settings for new users. Users should now use the trigger builder to create transactional emails.

  • Admin: Speed optimisations

  • Admin: Trigger versioning management

  • Admin: Store unsubscribes in the full DB so that if a user re-syncs at any point (after cancelling then resubscribing for example), their former unsubscribes are remembered.

  • Fix: Users can no longer turn an Automated Recurring trigger into a One Off Blast trigger by editing it. You must duplicate it to change the type.

  • Fix: Edit disabled for sent one-off blasts.

  • Fix: Editing a trigger would activate it upon save. Now the trigger will remain in its current state.

Version 2.4.10 - August 2021

  • Tweak: Peptalkr will not send a confirmation if the start time of the appointment is before the modified time (the appointment is in the past).

Version 2.4.9 - August 2021

  • Fix: '3rd' was displaying at '3th' in the trigger builder summary table

  • New Feature: Confirmations and reminders checkbox
    When creating triggers for 'When an appointment is created' you can now select a checkbox 'Is this a confirmation?' which will check that patient 'Receives booking confirmations' in the Cliniko profile. And when creating triggers for 'Before an appointment' you can now select a checkbox 'Is this a reminder?' which will check that patient 'Receives booking reminders' in the Cliniko profile.

Version 2.4.8 - July 2021

  • Admin: Free trial status displayed in admin table

  • Tweak: Changes to Cliniko Practitioners, Appointment Types, Businesses, Billable Items and Users are now update in Peptalkr hourly instead of daily.

Version 2.4.7 - July 2021

  • Fix: Integer/String handling - some truncated integers were being produced.

Version 2.4.6 - July 2021

  • Fix: Resolved syncing issue affecting the active patient limit whereby the limit was being ignored.

Version 2.4.5 - July 2021

  • New Feature: Send test SMS
    You can now send yourself a test copy of any SMS you create. It will send to the mobile number entered on the Settings page.

  • New Feature: Save form response as a PDF
    Patient intakes form responses can now be saved as PDF instead of a treatment note in the patient file. This setting is located on the Settings page.

  • Fix: Filter search stays in place after selection
    When building an SMS or transactional email trigger, previously if you 'searched' for a filter it would reset after selecting an option. Now it will stay active so you can select as many items that match the search as you like without having to search again.

  • Fix: Rescheduled appointment confirmations
    If an appointment is rescheduled to a different time, a new confirmation is sent with the updated details. We have now amended this so that a new confirmation is sent even if just the appointment type or practitioner changes, but not the time.

  • Fix: Intake Form address

    The address fields are not internationally compatible and there is a dropdown for patients to select their country. Postcodes can now be alphanumeric. This change is only applicable to new forms, users must request this change to any existing forms.

  • Fix: Non-appointment based transactional email triggers failing
    Some emails that were being triggered for a non-appointment event (e.g Medical Alerts) were failing to be recorded in the log causing duplicates to send.

  • Fix: SMS sender name validation
    Clearer instructions for SMS sender name and built in validator to ensure incompatible names cannot be added.

  • Admin only enhancements

Version 2.4.4 - July 2021

  • New Feature: Medical Alert trigger
    You can now trigger an email/SMS when a medical alert is added to a patient file.

  • Update: DNA trigger will now work if an appointment was marked DNA from up to 7 days ago. Previously only worked up to 48 hours in the past. DNA will send immediately if the trigger delay has passed.

Version 2.4.3 - June 2021

  • Fix: [appid] is no longer case sensitive

  • Fix: First names with over 50 charatcers were causing a sync issue. Can now handle first names up to 100 characters.

Version 2.4.2 - June 2021

  • Admin only enhancements

Version 2.4.1 - June 2021

  • Admin only enhancements

Version 2.4.0 - June 2021

  • New Feature: Transactional Email Triggers
    You can now build your own triggers for transactional email via the 'Triggers' tab in the main menu. They work much like the SMS builder in that you can specify exactly who receives the email, when and why. Triggers can then be linked to email templates.

  • New Feature: Updated design for turning on and off SMS and email

  • Fix: PK Restraint issue causing some SMS to send more than once to a recipient

  • Admin: Log email and SMS version history

  • Admin: Store 'Deleted at' time for email and SMS chores

Version 2.3.13 - May 2021

  • Fix: Allow < and > in SMS body
    The symbols < and > were previously illegal characters, they can now be used.

Version 2.3.12 - May 2021

  • New Feature: Custom SMS sender name
    Users can manually set an 11 digit alpha numeric SMS sending name.

Version 2.3.11 - May 2021

  • Fix: Stop appointment confirmations from sending if they are in the past

    When users retroactively add appointments to the calendar, or bulk-import appointments in the past into Cliniko during account migration - appointment confirmation transactional emails will not send.

Version 2.3.9 & 10 - April-May 2021

  • Fix: Suspended user message

    When a user is suspended they will now be shown a clear message to specify this, rather than an 'invalid ID' message.

  • New Feature: Draft vs Published treatment note

    On the settings page you can now select whether your Peptalkr patient intake form will post 'Draft' or 'Published' treatment notes to the patient file.

  • New Feature: Appointment Count Trigger (SMS)
    You can now trigger SMS by the count of appointments a patient has had (filterable).

  • New Feature: Appointment Count Filter (SMS)

    You can now filter SMS by the count of total appointments OR filtered appointments a patient has had.

  • New Feature: Whitelabel the comms log

    The Peptalkr comms log can now be whitelabelled by admins if a user requests it. This will remove the mention of 'Peptalkr' from the notes that are left in the 'Other information' field of a patient file. Ideal for users who are reselling Peptalkr functionality to a client.

  • Fix: Restart SMS that are paused due to insufficient credits automatically on topup
    Previously users had to 'refresh' each SMS by clicking a button once they had topped out. Now this is not necessary. Sending will resume automatically.

Version 2.3.8 - April 2021

  • Fix: [appid] not outputting in [feedbackform]
    Found a case whereby the [appid] variable was not being output when contained within the [feedbackform] variable.

Version 2.3.7 - April 2021

  • New Feature: Additional variable

    You can now use [practitioneremail] in SMS and transactional emails.

  • New Feature: SMS recall trigger options

    Recalls now have additional trigger options:
    - Only send if the patient has no upcoming appointments of the same category
    - Only send if the patient has no upcoming appointments of the same type
    - Only send if the patient has no upcoming appointments of any kind

Version 2.3.6 - March 2021

  • New Feature: International patient forms

    International users patient form will not include Australia/NZ-specific questions and wording.

  • New Feature: Additional variables

    You can now use [appointmenttime] and [appointmentdate] in SMS and transactional emails.

  • Fix: Transactional email failing to send error
    If a user attempts to send transactional email from a domain that has not been authenticated, an error will display when sending a test that let's you know that is the case.

  • Fix: One off blast SMS send count

    This was erroneously displaying 0. It will now display the true count.

Version 2.3.5 - March 2021

  • Fix: Performance enhancements
    Further API usage enhancements.

  • New Feature: SMS Recall Settings

    You can now specify whether an SMS is a recall. This will ensure that the SMS will only send if the patient has had no appointments since the trigger appointment AND no upcoming appointments booked in (can be filtered).

Version 2.3.4 - February 2021

  • New Feature: Automated Recurring SMS Log
    You can now see a log of all AR SMS that were sent on any given day including the patient ID and appointment ID/Invoice ID that triggered it. The log includes the number of SMS credits used, and clicking on the ID links directly to your cliniko account.

  • New Feature: Edit SMS name

    Edit the display name of an automated recurring SMS without having to duplicate it.

  • New Feature: Transactional Email and/or toggle
    Filters can now be toggled between and/or by administrators for custom triggers.

  • New Feature: Turn on/off the comms log

    You can now choose to turn off the automatic 'notes' left by Peptalkr every time a transactional email or an SMS is sent to a patient. These are stored in the 'Other Information' field of the patient file (the Cliniko comms log is not available for us to use in the API). Turning it off means you will need to refer to the individual SMS and email logs in Peptalkr.

  • Fix: Performance enhancements
    Various enhancements to reduce API load. Created more admin alerts if a sync is failing and snowballing request load.

Version 2.3.3 - February 2021

  • Backend enhancements

Version 2.3.2 - February 2021

  • New Feature: Filter Transactional Appointment Confirmation Emails by Appointment Category/Type
    Users can now request appointment category or appointment type inclusions/exclusions on their confirmation triggers.

Version 2.3.1 - January 2021

  • Fix: Duplicated SMS Filters
    When duplicating SMS and changing the trigger, filters were being retained even if that filter was not relevant to the new trigger. Now they are wiped.

  • Fix: Suspensions
    Users who decide to cancel or fail to make payment can have their account suspended indefinitely as not to lose their data and setup if they decide to return in future. Full erasure can be requested at any time.

  • Fix: SMS Scheduling Optimisations
    Improvements to the SMS scheduling process to diminish possibility of duplicate SMS, and SMS sending later than expected.

Version 2.3.0 - January 2021

  • Fix: White Screen Issue
    Fixed the occasional white screen appearing during SMS creation.

  • New feature: Exclude Certain Appointments from Transactional Emails

    You can now adjust your appointment type name to include the symbols: ~* (tilda star with no space). Good for reporting and other internal-use appointment types.

  • New feature: Products can also be used as filters
    Previously the invoice creation trigger only allowed you to filter the invoice further by billable items, but not products. Now you can do both.

  • New feature: Respect Cliniko email opt-in status
    Cliniko has it's own built in email opt-in. You can now choose to respect this status and only import patients into your Peptalkr marketing list if they are also opted in in Cliniko. This is two-way synced. This setting is located on the settings page.

  • New feature: Additional recall segments
    Automated Email Journeys now have three more recall segments they can utilise: 1 year and 2 years.

Version 2.2.0 - December 2020

  • New feature: New SMS trigger - Invoice Creation
    You can now trigger an SMS based on the creation of an invoice. You can additionally filter down which billable items on the invoice should trigger the SMS.

  • New feature: New SMS filter - Medical Alerts

    You can now apply a Medical Alert filter to all SMS triggers. This is ideal for when you need to 'tag' a patient and target them with specific SMS.

  • New feature: Attach .ICS file to confirmations
    There is a new setting on the appointment confirmation transactional email toggle allowing you attach a .ics (Calendar Appointment) file to the email which contains the time, clinic address, appointment type and practitioner.

  • New Feature: SMS Send Frequency
    You can now select the send frequency of automated SMS. Choose whether to send the SMS once ever, once in a day or every time the conditions are met.

  • Tweak: User Friendly Date Range Selector for One Off Blast SMS
    You can now select the appointment date range upon which to target with a one off blast SMS with a user-friendly calendar instead of typing the days manually.

Version 2.1.0 - October 2020

  • New feature: Transactional Email Templates by Modality
    Allow users to select their clinic modalities to enable more transactional email functionality. In addition to this, users can now request the setup of transactional email triggers that target specific appointment types or categories.

  • New feature: Transactional Email Tests
    Send test copies of your transactional email directly from the settings page with dummy data inserted automatically.

  • Fix: New Patient Preparation transactional email sending settings
    As the email was scheduled to send 2 days prior to an appointment, if a patient booked short notice (within the 2 day window) they would not receive the email. We now send the email instantly if they book after the scheduled sending time.


Version 2.0.0 - September 2020

Several updates have been made to the performance and functionality of Peptalkr. They are detailed below.

  • Major update: Move from API dependant to database infrastructure*

  • New Feature: Active Patient Limit
    You can now select a limit of patients to import into your account to control your costs and ensure you're not hoarding dormant patient data.

  • New Feature: Display SMS character count

  • New Feature: Archived & Deleted Patients
    If a patient is subsequently archived or deleted, they will be removed from your database and email marketing list automatically.

  • New Feature: SMS/email records
    Every time Peptalkr sends an SMS or transactional email to a patient, a record will be left in the patient notes with the date and name of the communication. Campaigns and Automations will continue to be recorded only in the Peptalkr dashboard as not to overload patient notes with less critical communication types.

  • New feature: Transactional Email Toggles
    Toggle on/off transactional emails yourself directly from the settings page (no need to contact support to turn them on/off).

  • New Feature: Local Time zone
    All transactional email that stend and a standarized time send in the clients local timezone instead of AEST.

  • New Feature: Redesigned Settings page
    Settings page more user friendly with added settings. API key validation is instant.

  • Fix: Time zone updates
    Some appointment outputs were not inclusive of daylight savings changes.

  • Fix: Filter out emojis
    Use of Emoji's in SMS causes encoding to change to GSM which reduces available character limit per SMS and subsequently increases costs.

*Previously Peptalkr would call your Cliniko account via the Cliniko API every time we needed retrieve data. Cliniko has strict limits on how quickly we can collect data. Due to these limits, it would make certain actions very cumbersome - such as collecting all patients within a date range to send an SMS. This also meant we were not able to give SMS cost approximations reliably. To improve the overall performance of Peptalkr, we moved instead to an in-house database solution whereby we only need to refer to our own database rather than Cliniko's making for a faster and more reliable way of dealing with your data. We sync your Peptalkr database with your Cliniko account every 5 minutes to ensure we have the latest patient and appointment data.

With storing data comes security protocol, and we have created a database setup that is extremely secure. As an extra layer of security we decided not to store patient surnames and DOBs (we only store the day/month of birth - not the year). We only store the patient's line 1 from their address. We do not store any treatment notes. We only store essential information pertinent to contacting patients about their appointments.

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