Version 2.1 - October 17th 2020

  • New feature: Transactional Email Templates by Modality
    Allow users to select their clinic modalities to enable more transactional email functionality. In addition to this, users can now request the setup of transactional email triggers that target specific appointment types or categories.
  • New feature: Transactional Email Tests
    Send test copies of your transactional email directly from the settings page with dummy data inserted automatically.
  • Fix: New Patient Preparation transactional email sending settings
    A the email was scheduled to send 2 days prior to an appointment, if a patient booked short notice (within 2 days) they would not receive the email. We now send the email instantly if they book after the scheduled sending time.


Version 2.0 - September 24th 2020

Several updates have been made to the performance and functionality of Peptalkr. They are detailed below.

  • Major update: Move from API dependant to database infrastructure*
  • New Feature: Active Patient Limit
    You can now select a limit of patients to import into your account to control your costs and ensure you're not hoarding dormant patient data.
  • New Feature: Display SMS character count
  • New Feature: Archived & Deleted Patients
    If a patient is subsequently archived or deleted, they will be removed from your database and email marketing list automatically.
  • New Feature: SMS/email records
    Every time Peptalkr sends an SMS or transactional email to a patient, a record will be left in the patient notes with the date and name of the communication. Campaigns and Automations will continue to be recorded only in the Peptalkr dashboard as not to overload patient notes with less critical communication types.
  • New feature: Transactional Email Toggles
    Toggle on/off transactional emails yourself directly from the settings page (no need to contact support to turn them on/off).
  • New Feature: Local Time zone
    All transactional email that stend and a standarized time send in the clients local timezone instead of AEST.
  • New Feature: Redesigned Settings page
    Settings page more user friendly with added settings. API key validation is instant.
  • Fix: Time zone updates
    Some appointment outputs were not inclusive of daylight savings changes.
  • Fix: Filter out emojis
    Use of Emoji's in SMS causes encoding to change to GSM which reduces available character limit per SMS and subsequently increases costs.

*Previously Peptalkr would call your Cliniko account via the Cliniko API every time we needed retrieve data. Cliniko has strict limits on how quickly we can collect data. Due to these limits, it would make certain actions very cumbersome - such as collecting all patients within a date range to send an SMS. This also meant we were not able to give SMS cost approximations reliably. To improve the overall performance of Peptalkr, we moved instead to an in-house database solution whereby we only need to refer to our own database rather than Cliniko's making for a faster and more reliable way of dealing with your data. We sync your Peptalkr database with your Cliniko account every 5 minutes to ensure we have the latest patient and appointment data.

With storing data comes security protocol, and we have created a database setup that is extremely secure. As an extra layer of security we decided not to store patient surnames and DOBs (we only store the day/month of birth - not the year). We only store the patient's line 1 from their address. We do not store any treatment notes. We only store essential information pertinent to contacting patients about their appointments.

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