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Can I send a Peptalkr form to a patient manually?
Can I send a Peptalkr form to a patient manually?
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Sometimes you need to manually resend a form to patient if they did not fill it in or didn't receive it. Here's how.

Before we dive in - it's important to understand how Peptalkr forms work.

How Peptalkr forms identify the patient

Peptalkr forms use auto-identification to associate a form response to a patient without the patient needing to identify themselves. We strongly recommend you read this article about auto-identifcation now before continuing (only takes 5 mins).

How to send the form links manually

You have two options:

  • Send the form URL without auto-identification (easiest)

  • Send the form URL with custom identity (recommended)

Option 1: Remove auto-identification (easiest)

⏱️ Takes less than 1 minute

Important: for this option to work, your form must have fields to collect the patient first name, last name, DOB and (optional) mobile number.

Simply remove everything from the # onwards from the URL.

For example:

This will disable auto-identification from the form, and we'll instead depend on manual identification.

How manual identification works:

Manual identification works by searching for the patient using an exact match in Cliniko on the values they enter into these form fields:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • DOB

If we find a match, we'll send the form answers there. If we find more than one match - we'll also look for a match on:

  • Mobile number

If we don't find any match - we'll create a new patient file.

Most often, this will occur if the patient has a typo in their name or DOB, or they enter their name differently to what they had in their booking - e.g. they type 'Joe' instead of 'Joseph'.

If a new patient file is created - you can easily merge it into their existing patient file. Follow these instructions from the Cliniko help centre.

Option 2: Manually insert the patient ID into the URL before sending it to them (best)

⏱️ Takes about 2 minutes

  1. Search for the patient in Cliniko and open their patient file

  2. In your browser URL bar you'll see a URL that looks similar to this:

  3. Copy the number at the end of the URL, for example:

  4. Go to send a direct SMS (you can do it with Cliniko by pressing in the patient file) or email (just do this using your regular email address) to the patient.

  5. In the message body of your SMS/email - Paste in your form URL, for example:[appid]&name=[patientfirstname]

  6. Replace [appid] with the number, and replace [patientfirstname] with their first name, for example:

  7. Hit send.

If your form URLs contain other bracketed areas - you can either delete them or manually replace them also. For example:[appid]&name=[patientfirstname]&p=[practitioner]

You'd just delete [practitioner]

Voila! We do recommend sending form URLs automatically where possible, but on the odd occasion you need to do it manually choose the most appropriate option above based on your needs.

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