When you are onboarded, we'll provide you with your very own super user-friendly patient feedback form that takes patients under a minute to fill out (on any device!).

Here's a sample of that form.

When a patient fills in the form - we'll send you an email with their responses. The form responses are anonymous for your patient's own privacy - however, we dynamically insert the name of the practitioner the patient saw into the form results so you know who the feedback is about.

Can I use my own feedback forms I've set up elsewhere?

Yes! You'll just need to replace any links to the Peptalkr form in your emails/SMS with your own form link.

Can I change the feedback form?

If you're on an unlimited plan, yes. Simply use the chat bubble to let us know what you'd like to change on the form.

How is the form sent to patients?

If you ticked the fox for 'post appointment feedback' when setting up your account, you'll already have a Transactional Email in your account that will automatically send your form to all patients 2 days after their appointment.

You can also set up an automated recurring SMS to send the form to your patients at any chosen interval after the appointment (whether 1 hour or 1 week - you can choose!).

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