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Introduction to using Peptalkr forms

How they work and how to use them

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Creating intake forms can be a tricky process! With so many fields and conditions to add, you could be stuck for hours at your computer trying to get it done. We make it pretty dang easy for you by doing all the 'form building' for you 🀯

When your account is first onboarded you will find two forms on the Forms tab in your Peptalkr account:

These forms are built using an advanced form builder called Typeform - a very unique form system that looks and feels more like a conversation than a traditional form. They are 100% mobile friendly and can be accessed from any device at any time.

How Peptalkr Forms Work

  • βœ… We create the forms for you.

  • βœ… Patients/clients essential information is automatically transferred into the corresponding field in the Cliniko patient file.

  • βœ… Forms are intuitive, beautiful and ask one question at a time.

  • βœ… Forms display a visual progress tracker.

  • βœ… Forms estimate time to complete automatically on the very first page.

  • βœ… Forms have conditional logic so you can ask/hide questions based on previous responses.

  • βœ… Forms can be inserted into any Peptalkr email or SMS and automatically identify the patient filling it in.

  • βœ… Forms can be send in Cliniko's reminders/confirmation.

  • βœ… Forms ensure users accept your privacy policy and update the privacy policy acceptance field in Cliniko for that person.

  • πŸ‘ Forms save into the Treatment Notes OR Files tab of the patient/client file (your choice).

  • πŸ‘ Forms can accept digital acceptance of terms (e.g 'I accept' - not signatures).

How does this differ to Cliniko forms?

Cliniko forms are little different. Here's the key differences:

  • βœ… You create the forms yourself from the Cliniko settings page.

  • βœ… Patients/clients can provide a physical signature.

  • βœ… Form responses are saved into the Forms tab of the patient/client file.

  • πŸ€” Forms can only be sent using Cliniko (not Peptalkr).

  • πŸ€” Patients/clients essential information is not transferred into the corresponding fields in Cliniko (address, phone number, emergency contact etc).

  • πŸ€” The patient/client sees all forms fields on a single page (overwhelming for long forms).

Making changes to your forms

We handle this for you. Get in touch with us via the chat bubble and attach your form changes as a Word Document or Google Drive document.
And yes - forms can have conditional logic (i.e if user answer X this, then also ask Y etc).

πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ FAQS

I want to know more about and see the intake form

I want to know more about and see the feedback form

Where do feedback form responses go?

Responses are stored in a Google Spreadsheet which is accessible to you at anytime from the 'Forms' tab of your account.

Can I have more than one intake or feedback form?

Yes you can. Simply get in touch to discuss your needs.

Can I add a policy acceptance/waiver to my form?

Yes - one is already included at the start of the form. We can customise the text to your needs. Our form will simply present the patient with an 'I agree' button.

Can I use patient forms I created with another platform?

Yes, as long as there is a public link to the form then you can use any patient form building service. Simply paste the link to the form into your email/SMS templates. If you have several forms - that's no problem. You can create different email/SMS targeting the correct patients for each form. Finger Ink is a popular form-creation app (that we love) and can be used with Peptalkr easily.

I already use Cliniko forms - can I use those with Peptalkr?

And you can continue to if you wish, however, we will be integrating with Cliniko's forms in the near future - meaning you'll be able to insert Cliniko forms into your Peptalkr communcations. Feel free to continue sending your Cliniko forms using Cliniko's built in SMS/email confirmations and reminders.

Or you can make the switch to Peptalkr forms.

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