So you've already read our intro to Peptalkr forms and now you're looking to find out more about the intake form. You're in the right place 👌🏼

A quick recap of the intro:

  1. A standard intake form has been preloaded into your account on the forms tab

  2. It will look something like this

  3. It will automatically feed into Cliniko when filled out

  4. It can be sent to patients in lots of different customisable ways!

How is the form sent to patients?

You will need to set up a transactional email or an SMS. You'll be able to select when the patient receives it. For example you could set it up to send when a patient books an 'Initial' appointment type, or if you do not have appointment types set up specifically for new patients - you could schedule it to send when a patient who has had 0 appointments books in an appointment.

Where do intake form entries go?

Straight into Cliniko. The patient likely already exists in your Cliniko account - so we'll search for them using the:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • DOB

If we find a match, we'll send the form answers there. If we don't - we'll create a new patient file.

The following fields will map directly to Cliniko's corresponding fields in the patient file:

  • Title

  • Mobile number

  • Email address

  • Address

  • Occupation

  • Emergency contact

  • Medicare number

  • How did you hear about us

  • SMS marketing opt-in

All other fields in the form are added to the patient profile as either a Treatment note or a PDF depending on what you selected on the Settings page (you can change this setting at any time).

What if I selected 'PDF' - what happens?

All the extra fields will save into a PDF file which is in the 'Files' tab of the Cliniko patient profile. Power Receptionists can see these so it's our preferred choice! That way your receptionists can verify that a patient has filled in the form upon their arrival at the clinic.

What if I selected 'Treatment note' - what happens?

This is a much more restricted setting. A treatment note will be created in the patient file. It will not be visible to Power Receptionists or anyone who doesn't have a Practitioner or Administrator role. It will be authored by the Practitioner whose API key you entered on the Settings page when you signed up. You can also select whether the treatment note should be saved as a draft or published note.

👉🏼 Please be cautious that if you have enabled restricted treatment notes in Cliniko, no other practitioners other than the one whose API key you used on the Settings page will be able to view it. We recommend you use PDFs in this instance.

Can I change the intake form?

Yep. Simply use the chat bubble to let us know what you'd like to change on the form and we will do that for you.

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