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My patient forms responses aren't appearing in Cliniko?
My patient forms responses aren't appearing in Cliniko?
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Peptalkr intake forms deliver form responses directly into Cliniko every time they are submitted.

However, there are certain scenarios where you may not be able to find a form response.

1. The patient has typed their name or DOB differently to what was already in Cliniko.

If a patient name in Cliniko on an initial booking was 'Matthew' but then the patient fills in the Intake form as 'Matt' - a new patient file will be created, because the form is looking for an exact match on:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Date of birth

  • If there is more than 1 patient with the above 3 fields exactly the same, we also check mobile number

If no exact match is found - a new patient file is created. So if you cannot find a patient's form response - try searching by their email, mobile number or an alternate spelling of their name.

Once you find the duplicate patient file, you can merge them.

2. Your API key has expired or is no longer valid

Without a valid API key, we cannot do anything in your Cliniko account. Please log into Peptalkr to check if you have an API key notice. We do also email you if your API key has any issues.

3. The patient has not actually submitted the form

More common than you think... Check the above two scenarios first, but if you still cannot find the form response, it likely has not been submitted and the patient will need to fill it in again.

4. Peptalkr failed to send the form to Cliniko

The least likely of the above 4 scenarios, but it is still a possibility. There are certain cases where a form may fail to send to Cliniko. We have resolved all the causes of this that we know (i.e the patient entering an invalid date of birth, or using a character that Cliniko can't understand) but there may be a rare instance of some other reason. If you think this is the case - please contact us so we can investigate and check our logs for any errors relating to your forms.

But can't Peptalkr forms automatically identify the patient without them having to type in their name and DOB?

Yes! However, you must send the form using a Peptalkr SMS or transactional (smart) email for this to happen. You also must check that your intake form URL contains the following:


If this is absent from the URL, then we cannot auto-identify the patient. If this is absent, and you want to set up auto-identify - please contact us.

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