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The feedback form
The feedback form

Easily track how your patients are enjoying their experience with your clinic

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So you've already read our intro to Peptalkr forms and now you're looking to find out more about the feedback form. You're in the right place ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

A quick recap of the intro:

  1. A feedback form has been preloaded into your account on the forms tab

  2. It will look something like this

  3. You can optionally link patients to your Google review page if they score you an 8 or higher (out of 10)

How is the form sent to patients?

You will need to set up a transactional email or an SMS. You'll be able to select when the patient receives it, and how often. For example you might select to send it after a patients 2nd, 6th and 10th appointment.

Where do feedback entries go?

  1. We email you a copy of every form that is submitted (we'll use the email address you signed up with, please let us know if you want them to go somewhere else).

  2. We store them in a spreadsheet which you can request at any time using the chat bubble.

Can I use my own feedback forms I've set up elsewhere?

Yes! You'll just need to replace any links to the Peptalkr form in your emails/SMS with your own form link (Survey Monkey etc).

Can I change the feedback form?

Yep. Simply use the chat bubble to let us know what you'd like to change on the form and we can update it all from our end.

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