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Want to see what a patient has been sent by Peptalkr without leaving Cliniko? Here's your answer.

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Looking for a way to identify when Peptalkr has sent an email or SMS to a patient without having to leave Cliniko?

Enable this option on the Settings page and Peptalkr will leave a record in the Patient file when an SMS or transactional email is triggered to them.

Where will the record be located?

In the patient file, in the 'Extra Information' field. Each record will be stored chronologically, with the newest records at the top.

What will the records look like?

Each record will begin with two asterisks so you can easily identify it as a Peptalkr log. That will be followed by the date, the type of communication that was sent (email or SMS) and either the name of the Transactional email that was sent, OR the actual contents of the SMS that was sent.

Why can't you put the records into the 'Communications' tab in a patient file?

We wish we could! But there are certain limitations around how Cliniko allows us to integrate with their platform. These limitations apply to all third party integrations. We've made it known to Cliniko our users would love it if we could put communication records in there - and if Cliniko allows this in the future, we'll be sure to update Peptalkr and let you know.

What if I use Extra Information for other things?

We always append the records to your field (meaning we add new records to the start of the field) without overwriting or disrupting any of your other text in that field whether existing text or you decide to add something new. The asterisks will help you to identify a log record versus a record you or your staff have left.

However, you have the option to disable this setting completely and log into Peptalkr to check who has received what - by visiting the Send SMS and Send Email tabs indivudually and looking at the logs for each of your communications.

Why aren't my email campaigns and automations in the log?

We don't include your marketing emails in the log because we feel this would be overkill. You can log into Peptalkr at any time to view the recipients of your email campaigns and marketing automations.

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