☝️ Please note these variables only work on Automated Journeys and Campaigns. Transactional emails have a different set of custom fields as they function differently.


You can use variables to insert data specific to your recipients into emails. Things such as your patient's first name, last appointment date, last practitioner's name and so much more.

Here is a complete list of available variables you can insert into automated emails or campaigns. There are two ways to insert these variables:

  1. By copy pasting from the below list and inserting into a text field in your email.

  2. By using the Insert button while editing an email then clicking on Custom Fields then Patients and select the custom field you'd like to insert such as Last Appointment Category or Total Visits.

Complete List of Variables for Automated Journeys and Campaigns:

Copy both the brackets and what's inside of them.

  • [firstname]

  • [lastname]

  • [fullname]

  • [email]

  • [DateofBirth]

  • [NextAppointment] *this is a date

  • [LastAppointment] *this is a date

  • [LastAppointment]

  • [LastBusinessVisited] *if you have multiple clinic locations, this will be the name of the clinic that was visited per your Cliniko settings.

  • [LastAppointmentType] *The actual name of the appointment booked per your Cliniko settings.

  • LastAppointmentCategory] *Such as Chiropractic or Physiotherapy - categories must be set up in Cliniko and assigned to each treatment type.

  • [PostCode]

  • [MonthofBirth]

  • [Gender]

  • [TotalVisits]

  • [PrimaryPractitioner] *Practitioner this patient has seen the most over the last 10 visits.

  • PrimaryTreatmentType *Treatment category this patient has had the most over the last 10 visits.

  • [NextAppointmentType]

  • [NextAppointmentCategory]

  • [NextAppointmentPractitioner]

  • [NextAppointmentLocation]

We also create a few more custom fields depending on which treatment categories you have loaded into Cliniko (e.g Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Nutrition etc). Replace 'Chiropractic' in the below examples with the categories you have set up in Cliniko.

  • [Lastchiropracticpractitioner]

  • [Primarycategorypractitioner]

  • [Totalchiropracticvisits]

  • [Lastchiropracticappointment]

You could use the above variables in Campaigns and Automations that are going to those categories segments of your patient database. If you have not created segments for each treatment category you offer, we recommend you do so for maximum potential when it comes to personalising your emails.

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