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Why does my list have 'deleted' patients?
Why does my list have 'deleted' patients?
Updated over a week ago

Your marketing list maintains a constant sync with your Cliniko database, but is also affected by your Peptalkr settings.

There are several reasons why Cliniko patients/clients can be deleted from the marketing list:

  1. You have the checkbox pictured below ticked
    This checkbox will ensure that Peptalkr respects the 'email marketing' setting within each Cliniko patient file. Patients who are not opted in for email marketing in Cliniko will be deleted from the Peptalkr list.

  2. If the 'Active patient limit' on the Settings page is set to anything other than 'All'
    Also pictured above, the dropdown allows you to control the size of your marketing list by setting a time limit. The time limit will automatically delete patients once it has been - for example, 12 months - since their last appointment and they have no upcoming appointments. They will be automatically re-added to the marketing list if they book or attend an appointment.

  3. You are still in free trial mode
    During the free trial, you are limited to a max of 250 people in the marketing list. We will delete anyone who is added to the list if it exceeds 250. However, you can simply head to the settings page and change the Active Patient Limit from 'Free trial mode' to any other selection.

  4. Patients have been archived from Cliniko
    If you archive someone in Cliniko, they'll be deleted from the Peptalkr marketing list. If you 'unarchive' a patient - they'll be added back into the marketing list provided they meet the requirements of your settings above.

To learn more about the relationship between your entire Cliniko database and your Peptalkr marketing list you can read this article (spot the handy diagram!)

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