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Why does my list have 'deleted' patients?
Why does my list have 'deleted' patients?
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Good question!

'Deleted' patients include:
1. People who have been 'archived' from Cliniko
2. People who fall outside of the '6 month' active patient limit in your Peptalkr settings - for example, say you had it set to '12 months' then changed it to '6 months' - we would delete any patients who fall outside of the 6 month limit.

Furthermore, if you have it set to 6 months, and then a patient no longer meets the conditions (i.e their last appointment was 6 months and 1 day ago, and they have no upcoming appointments) they would be deleted.

Patients will be re-added to the 'Subscribed' list if they subsequently booked an appointment and because part of the active patient limit again.

Similarly, if you 'unarchive' a patient, they will be re-added.

And if you increased your active patient limit - they would be re-added.

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