Head to the Pricing page and select whether you'd like a Standard or Unlimited plan.

🙋 Remember, you get a 60 day free trial, so you will not be charged anything until the 60 days is up. You can cancel your trial at any time.


Which plan do I choose?

Your plan cost is based on the number of patients you have in Cliniko with an email address. If you're unsure - just pick the lowest cost plan and we'll automatically automatically upgrade or downgrade you to the correct plan once you have connected Peptalkr to your Cliniko account and we've counted all of your patients with an email address - easy! 🎉We'll email you once this is complete!

Why do I need to enter my payment information?

Once your free trial ends, you'll be automatically billed for your first month. Without your payment information, we'd need to pause your account which would suspend any emails, SMS and digital intake forms you are actively using - we don't want to disrupt important communications to your patients. Don't worry - we'll email you 3 days before you are due to be charged.

Why is your pricing based on my patients with email addresses?

To be totally transparent with you - the most costly part of our platform is the advanced emailing capabilities. As we leverage the Campaign Monitor API - we offer you access to one of the most advanced emailing platforms in the world! With this comes and expense to us. So the most fair way to base the pricing is on the number of patients you'd be sending emails to.

You pay for SMS credits on top of your plan so this was the most logical and fairest to way to all. Keep in mind you'll be able to say byebye to your existing email campaign platform (whether it be MailChimp or something else) when you sign up the Peptalkr. We can do anything Mailchimp does (and a helluvalot more!) so there's no need to double up on costs here.


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