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Importing external lists

For list of subscribers separate to your patients/clients

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Are you interested in contacting people who aren't in your Cliniko database?

โ€‹In this article we cover how to add your own custom lists. There's a few scenarios where you might need additional lists:

  1. You have a separate newsletter list for people who subscribe via your website.

  2. You have a 'lead' list that you collect from marketing activities such as paid advertising and events.

  3. You have a list of employees or service providers you want to send email to.

  4. You run workshops or other events outside of your Cliniko scheduling.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Remember Peptalkr automatically syncs your Cliniko database to the 'Patient' list. You should not manually import patients from Cliniko as this will interfere with the automatic syncing we already handle for you. If your list is looking a little small you may need to check your active patient limit settings.

To import a custom list

First you'll need to have a CSV or excel file of the subscribers you'd like to import. You should have a column containing email addresses, and additional columns if you want to import things like first name, last name and any other data you have collected.

If you haven't got any existing data to import - head to this tutorial on creating a new custom list instead.

1. Create a list

Go to the Send Email tab and click 'Lists & Subscribers' - here you'll see your synced 'Patients' list.

As you're adding a new list, click on 'Create a list' in the top right corner.

2. Name your list

Give your list a logical name, such as 'Facebook leads' then click 'Continue to import'

3. Drag and drop your CSV file then name your fields

Drop your file into the upload field, then match your columns to your chosen field names.

3. Click 'Save and continue'

Your list will be imported and may take a few minutes.

โœ… Now you have another list! You're able to segment it, send campaigns or even automations. Don't forget to connect your list to a sign up form if you want people to be able to join it automatically. Otherwise, you will need to import new subscribers as you collect them.

Use a QR code with your sign up form

Want people to be able to sign up to your list using a QR code?

  1. Create a landing page on your website or a Peptalkr signup page

  2. Use a QR code generator to link to your page URL - a free one you can use is on Canva

  3. Print or open your QR code on a device to share with people.

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