The suppression list is a special type of subscriber list. There is only one per account, and it contains email addresses you don't want to send to, to help protect your sending reputation. Email addresses on the suppression list can't be accidentally imported or added to your regular subscriber lists.

Below, we'll explain how email addresses are automatically added to the suppression list, and how you can suppress email addresses yourself. This comes in handy if you've previously maintained a "do not email" list in an external tool, or switched to us from another email service provider.

Automatically added addresses

A subscriber's email address is automatically added to the suppression list if:

  • The address hard bounces (email address does not exist)

  • The subscriber marks one of your emails as spam (unless they are on Gmail)

  • The subscriber unsubscribes, or you set their status to unsubscribed.

  • It was part of a bulk remove operation, with the "Unsubscribe from all lists" option selected.

When viewing the suppression list, the reasons for the above items will be shown as either "Unsubscribed", "Marked as Spam" or "Bounced".

Manage the suppression list

To access the suppression list, you must have at least one subscriber list. Then, to manage it:

  1. Click Lists & subscribers.

  2. Click Suppressions on the left menu.

You will then see the suppression list, and the reason each email was added to the list. If they were added automatically, the reason will be "Unsubscribed", "Marked as Spam" or "Bounced". If you see "Suppressed", it means the email address was added manually.

To export the suppression list, in CSV or tab delimited format, select Export list, above the table.

Add email addresses

To manually add email addresses to the suppression list, click Add to suppression list on the top right side of the page, then follow the instructions.

Email addresses added in this way will have the reason "Suppressed".

Remove email addresses

To remove email addresses from the suppression list, select the checkbox to the right of the email addresses you want to remove, then click Remove from suppression list.

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