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Peptalkr pricing and patient volume explained
Peptalkr pricing and patient volume explained

How it works and why it works that way

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Head to the Pricing page and use the slider to see plan costs based on the number of subscribers you want to have in Peptalkr. When you sign up to Peptalkr there are NO committments, and you do not need to provide any payment information until the free trial ends. We'll remind you before it ends.

πŸ™‹ During free trial you will be limited to 250 patients in your marketing list so you can check out all the features before committing. Any non-marketing (transactional) emails or SMS you send will still go to your entire database - it's only fair for your important communications to always reach the right people.


Which plan do I choose?

Most people start on the lowest plan, and then once your free trial ends you will have the option to change your settings and import more than just 250 patients. You will be able to choose from 6, 12, 18 or 24 months worth of patients - or you can simply sync 'All'. For example, if you select '12 months' then we will import any patient who has had an appointment in the last 12 months and anyone who has an upcoming appointment.

We will display an estimate of patients in each import bucket so you have a bit of guidance on what your plan cost will be. Keep in mind the numbers in the bracketss only count the patients we will automatically import from Cliniko, it does not take into consideration any additional 'lists' you have manually created and added more subscribers to. The total sum of all lists is how your plan usage is calculated - not just the patient list.

πŸ™‹ The only way to import patients who have had no appointments yet and have no upcoming appointments booked is to select 'All'.

Which subscribers count towards my limit?

Subscribers with a status of unsubscribed, bounced, unconfirmed or deleted β€” as well as those on the suppression list β€” are not counted toward the total for billing.

However, if the same email address is active on multiple lists, it counts multiple times against the total. To avoid active subscriber duplication, use segments to create sub-lists instead of having separate lists for different audiences, or campaign sends.

View the current subscriber total

To see how many subscribers you have, click on the Send Email tab then open the Lists & subscribers section, then look at the number under "Total subscribers". This is the total number of subscribers across all lists.

Can I add people to my marketing list manually and will it affect the price?

We automatically create a 'Patients' marketing list for you which is deeply integrated with Cliniko - we do not recommend adding people to this list manually.

Why can't I add patients to my patient list manually? Adding patients to your patient list manually will result in the system deleting them minutes later. Your Patient list is always synced per your Settings, so even if you make manual changes - they'll be deleted to keep the list in sync.

However, you can create any number of additional marketing lists for different reasons - for example maybe you want a list of people who provided you their email address at a special event you ran. Or you want a list of people who signed up for more information via a Facebook Lead Ad you're running.

You can do that! But keep in mind any other lists you create and add people to will count again your plan and you will be automatically upgraded if you exceed your plan limit. If you just want to contact a certain group of patients - create a Segment, don't create a new list.

Why isn't your pricing based on the number of practitioners the same way Cliniko charges me?

To be totally transparent with you - the most costly part of our platform is the advanced emailing capabilities. As we leverage the Campaign Monitor API - we offer you access to one of the most advanced emailing platforms in the world. With this comes an expense to us. So the most fair way to base the pricing is on the number of patients you'd be sending emails to.

You pay for SMS credits on top of your plan so your SMS capabilities are not limited in any way. You can target your entire database even while on free trial.
β€‹πŸ‘† Keep in mind you'll be able to say byebye to your existing email/SMS platform (whether it be MailChimp or something else) when you decide to stick with Peptalkr. We can do anything MailChimp does (and a helluvalot more!) so there's no need to double up on costs here.

Can't I use my Cliniko SMS credits with Peptalkr?

Unfortunately not. It's not posible. We are two different platforms with different SMS engines.

What if I exceed my plan limits?

This can happen in two ways:

  1. You exceed your subscriber count limit. An early upgrade is one that takes place before the new billing month starts. When your subscriber total exceeds the limit for the current pricing tier, we automatically upgrade the plan to a higher tier at the start of the next billing period. However, if you need to send a marketing campaign or turn on a an automated journey you will need to contact us to process an early upgrade. That is where you will pay the difference between the current pricing tier and the higher level tier. The alternative to paying for the early upgrade is to wait for the monthly plan renewal date. Transactional email will continue to send as normal and do not affect this.

  2. You exceed your email cap. Scheduled campaigns and transactional emails will send even if you have reached the send limit. This is because they are treated as time-sensitive emails that must go out at a particular time. If they cause you to exceed the send limit, you'll be granted a temporary upgrade and you will pay the different between the two tiers. When the next billing month starts, the number of monthly email sends will be reset, and you'll return to a pricing tier based on the total number of subscribers.

What if I only want to increase my active patient limit for one email?

That's fine - if you increase your active patients for s short duration in order to send an email blast, you can do that. You can then downgrade again after you send the email.

But as we explain above, sending a campaign to a higher volume of patients than your previous plan allows will process an upgrade for the current billing cycle. The next billing cycle will revert to your previous price.

For example:

You're on the $25 plan with 450 patients. You decide to upgrade to 'All' patients for a Newsletter - bringing your patient count up to 2800 - which is the $95 plan.
This will charge you the plan difference of $70. As you already paid $25 for the month, and the new plan is $95 - we'll add $70 to your 'next' bill.

And provided you downgraded to 450 patients afterwards, your next bill will only be $25.

So $25 + $70 for the upgrade will mean a next bill of $95.


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