Logging in and out

How to log in to Peptalkr

Updated over a week ago

Once you are signed up, you can use the Login link located in the menu of the peptalkr.com.au website or just bookmark https://peptalkr.com.au/account/ for easy access.

Your username is your email address.
Your password was set by you when you signed up.

Use the 'don't remember your password?' link if you've lost or forgotten your password.

And if you think you've accidentally entered an incorrect email address and you can't receive a password reset email - contact us using the chat bubble in the bottom right hand side of the screen (you'll know if you did this because you won't have received any welcome emails!)

We recommend you log out of Peptalkr when you're not using it to keep your account as safe and secure as possible - just hit the log out button in the My Account area.

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