Creating intake forms can be a tricky process! With so many fields and conditions to add, you could be stuck for hours at your computer trying to get it done. We make it pretty dang easy for you by doing all the 'form building' for you 🤯

When your account is onboarded you will find two forms on the Forms tab:

  1. New patient intake form - see a preview
    A series of essential questions about the patient, as well as additional questions relating to their reason for visiting and health history.

  2. Feedback form - see a preview
    A simple feedback form including Net Promoter Score. A score of 8+ can optionally prompt the user for a Google review.

These forms are built using an advanced form builder called Typeform - a very unique form system which looks and feels more like a conversation than a traditional form. They are 10% mobile friendly and can be access from any device at any time.

I want to change the form questions

No problem. Get in touch with us via the chat bubble so we can request the information we need from you to update the forms to your liking.

I already use Cliniko's forms

And you can continue to if you wish, however, we will be integrating with Cliniko's forms very soon, meaning you'll be able to insert Cliniko forms into your Peptalkr communcations. We're not quite there yet - we're hoping this will be completed by Q4 of 2021. Feel free to continue sending your Cliniko forms using Cliniko's built in SMS/email confirmations and reminders. Or you can make the switch to Peptalkr forms.

Do fields map directly to the corresponding fields in Cliniko?

For intake forms - yes. The following fields will map directly to Cliniko fields:

  • Title

  • Mobile number

  • Email address

  • Address

  • Occupation

  • Emergency contact

  • Medicare number

  • How did you hear about us

  • SMS marketing opt-in

All other fields in the form are added to the patient profile as either a Treatment note or a PDF depending on what you selected on the Settings page (you can change this setting at any time).

If you selected treatment note - the note will be titled Peptalkr Intake Form and it will be published by whichever Practitioner you used to create the API key you used to set up Peptalkr.

👉🏼 If you want reception staff who do not have admin access to be able to see the intake forms have been successfully received, we recommend you use the 'PDF' option as reception staff will have the necessary permissions to view this area.

Where do feedback form responses go?

The feedback form operates a little differently! Responses are emailed directly to an email of your choosing. They are also stored in a CSV file which you can request from us at any time using the chat bubble. And yep we store which patient provided the feedback so you can follow up if needed. Read more about the feedback form here.

Can I have more than one intake form?

Yes you can

Can I add a policy acceptance/waiver to my form?

Yes - but we cannot take physical signatures at this time. You'll need to get signatures on paper (or some other application) until we introduce this feature. Our form will simply present the patient with an 'I agree' button.

Someone filled in the form and it didn't come into Cliniko

Make sure you search for the patient by their mobile number or email address in case they made a type in their name or DOB and a new patient has instead been created. You can then 'merge' the two patients.

Can I use patient forms I created with another platform?

Yes, as long as there is a public link to the form then you can use any patient form building service. Simply paste the link to the form into your email/SMS templates. If you have several forms - that's no problem. You can create different email/SMS targeting the correct patients for each form. Finger Ink is a popular form-creation app (that we love) and can be used with Peptalkr easily.

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