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How to send an email to thank a patient for referring someone
How to send an email to thank a patient for referring someone
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If you want to thank someone for recommending you to a friend by sending them an email with a voucher, discount code or even just a nice note, here is how.

First, you will need to build a smart transactional email template with all of the information you want to send to your patient. Go to - How to create a new transactional (smart) email template for a step-by-step guide and then come back to learn how to trigger that email.

At the moment there is no dedicated way to send a 'thank you for referring' email so we have a workaround that involves using Cliniko's medical alert feature with our email triggers. Because we are using medical alerts, you will need to create one specifically for this task and name it something like 'Referral thank you voucher'. Here's a link to show you how to create a medical alert in Cliniko.

Once you have your email template and your medical alert, here's how to set your trigger:

STEP 1: Head over to the 'Triggers' tab.

STEP 2: To add a new trigger click on the + in the top right.

STEP 3: Now you can fill out the trigger builder:

  • Name this email trigger.

Here you will need to name the trigger in a way that will be easy to recognise. (For the example we will use 'Referral thank you voucher'. Click on 'Automated recurring' and press Next in the bottom right.

  • Is this a Marketing Message?

Select 'No' and then Next

  • When should this email be sent?

Here you have the choice as to when you would like the patient to receive the information. For the medical alert, we will set it up as 'After a medical alert is added to a patient file'. Add the desired time and then select Next.

  • Who should receive it?

Using the dropdown box in 'Medical Alert', select the medical alert that you created earlier. Then click Next.

  • How often should they receive it?

Select 'Every time the conditions are met'. Then press Next.

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป Selecting 'Every time the conditions are met' will ensure that every time the alert is added to a patient file it will send. This means if you were to delete and re-add the alert it will be re-sent to the patient.

  • Which email template should it send?

Here you will select the correct email template for the Medical Alert from the dropdown box. Select next.

  • Summary

Here you can check to make sure all the fields are correct before clicking Finish

STEP 4: Finish and activate:

Once you have completed the trigger builder you will need to activate it on the triggers page and then you are good to go.

Once you have set up this trigger, here is an article to show you how to trigger this in the patient's file.

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