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Stop specific appointment types from sending email and SMS
Stop specific appointment types from sending email and SMS
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The trigger builder allows you to include or exclude specific appointment types at need for each of your requires triggers - allowing maximum flexibility.

But what if you have certain appointment types that never need to send any email?

Perhaps these are:

  1. Admin-only appointment types (e.g reporting)

  2. Services you provide as a referrer to another business

  3. Services that have their own external system, but you use Cliniko for admin purposes/time blocking/record keeping

We get it - sometimes you just don't need to send email ever. So rather than having to manually exclude this appointment type from all future triggers you create, can you just permanently exclude it without ongoing maintenance?


How to exclude an appointment type from Peptalkr

There's a nifty little trick you can use directly within Cliniko:

  1. In Cliniko go to Settings > Appointment Types

  2. Locate the appointment type you want to exclude, and click it.

  3. In the 'Name' field - place your cursor at the very start and paste in: ~*

    That's a tilda symbol (~) followed by a star symbol (*) - but you can copy paste it from the below if you can't find it on your keyboard:


Now this appointment type won't receive:

  1. Appointment confirmations

  2. Appointment reminders

  3. Recalls

  4. Feedback requests

  5. After the appointment follow up emails

  6. Appointment count emails

This will now exclude all transactional email triggers from sending email for that appointment type. You can confirm it worked by looking at your trigger settings for any appointment-based trigger and going to the filters step and looking for this message underneath the appointment type filter:

*Please note it takes approx 5 minutes for Peptalkr to pick up the change to the appointment type name.


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