Campaigns & Automated Journeys

If you're sending a one-off campaign or an automated journey, then you can write any sender name during the creation process (whether it be your clinic name your full name or something else). This gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to how you choose you communicate.

Perhaps you send an appointment follow up to patients who had an appointment with Dr. Sam Smith, so you'd like the email to come from 'Dr Sam. Smith' rather than the name of your clinic so that it feels more personalised.

Transactional emails

The sender name on transactional emails is always your clinic name. This ensures there is no confusion regarding where the email came from. Given that transactional emails are important appointment-based emails that cannot be unsubscribed from - we think it's clearest to leave the sender name as your business name.

How can I change the domain the email comes from?

Unlimited plans mean you can change the default to your own domain! To do this you will need access to your domain's DNS settings. Simply contact us using the chat bubble in the bottom right of screen and we'll help you get it configured.

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