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How can I send emails from my own domain?
How can I send emails from my own domain?

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When you were onboarded we would have sent you an email with instructions on how to add DNS record so that you can use your own sending domain.

This domain verification process is essential for transactional email. We allow you to use if you are unable to add a DNS record to your domain, or if you don't have a domain. You can always use our domain, but direct replies to your own email address.

However, you can technically send marketing emails from without verifying your domain. But we strongly recommend that you do verify your domain as unverified domains can land your emails straight into the junk mail filter.

How do I add the DNS record?

You'll need to have access to your DNS zone editor. You'll be adding what's called a new TXT record to your DNS.

We have emailed you your unique TXT record - but if you haven't received it please just use the chat bubble to start a conversation with us.

You must let us know once this DNS record is added so that we can finish verifying your domain. It will then become available in the dropdown in the Peptalkr transactional email builder.

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