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Introduction to using Cliniko's Medical Alerts with Peptalkr
Introduction to using Cliniko's Medical Alerts with Peptalkr
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Want to to be able to 'tag' patients in Cliniko then use that information to send Peptalkr email or SMS? Here's how.

Medical Alerts are Cliniko's built in tagging system. They are primarily used to note something about a patient (allergies, conditions, ailments) and are prominent to both practitioners and administrators.

Businesses use Medical Alerts in different ways, and we encourage you to continue to use them as you already do. But you can ALSO use them to powerfully target patients using Peptalkr SMS and Email.

For example...

1. You can use Medical Alerts to trigger an automated message to a patient.

For example - let's say you are a Chiropractor and you are in an appointment with a patient and you determine they have L4-L5 spinal issues. You want to send them an email that specifically addresses this issue with some L4-L5 exercise videos.

You add the *Peptalkr - L4-5 Exercises medical alert to the patient file - and your pre-created email about L4-5 exercises fires away instantly to the patient (or the next day - whatever you choose).

πŸ’‘ When using Medical Alerts with Peptalkr - We suggest adding an asterisk (*) or something else to the start of the medical alert so that everyone in your practice knows this is a Medical Alert that's being used for something in Peptalkr.
For example - you might create a medical alert in the following format to differentiate it from your other more general medical alerts:

Your patient will now have information sent to them on the fly to help them out when they get home. And your patients will feel extra cared for receiving this kind of follow up, and you'll feel extra good that you could do it in a couple of seconds without having to manually write and send an email!

1. You can use Medical Alerts to segment patients by a medical alert they have in common

For example - let's say you want to send a one off blast email to all patients who have the Pregnant medical alert with information about post-birth body care. You can create an email that looks for all patients with that medical alert, and send an email to them either on an automated schedule, or at a time of your choosing.

To do this simply use the Medical Alerts filter when creating an email/SMS, or by targeting the Medical Alerts field when segmenting your marketing list.


πŸ’‘ Hot tip: We strongly recommend creating a dummy patient where you can add all your Peptalkr medical alerts in one place. Call the patient "Peptalkr Medical Alerts" and whenever you need a reference for your Peptalkr Medical Alerts withoiut having to leave Cliniko - or you need to add a new one - you have a place to do it!

When you are setting up a Peptalkr SMS or transactional (smart) email trigger - You can search through a dynamic list of your existing medical alerts and select any your SMS/email should apply to.

You can also create patient segments in your marketing list using Medical Alerts. Find out more by reading this article.

β€‹πŸ‘† Your medical alerts will not be case sensitive, and if you accidentally add an extra space at the start or end of the alert it won't matter. But it is very important you get the wording right. Keep a list of your Peptalkr Medical Alerts handy (or use the "Peptalkr Medical Alerts" dummy Cliniko patient profile as suggested above) so you always get it right.

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