If you are on the Triggers page and are trying to send yourself a test but get the error:

"Your sending domain must match your authenticated domain to send transactional email"

This means that the transactional email template you are trying to send is configured to send from a domain that is not authenticated for use with Peptalkr.

For example - you are trying to send an email from [email protected] - but you have not yet added DNS records to myclinic.com to authenticate Peptalkr to send email from your domain.

The solution:

  1. Change your sending domain to a domain that is verified with Peptalkr, or use the Peptalkr sending domain (@peptalkr.app)

  2. Verify your domain with Peptalkr. Instructions here.

As soon as either of the above is done, that error will disappear and your email will send successfully.

🚨It is critically important that you send a test from the triggers page prior to turning an automated email trigger on to ensure there are no errors, and your email will successfully send to your real clients.

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