The transactional email delivery log
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The transactional email delivery log lists and displays the status of every transactional email you have sent through our system, limited to the last 90 days.

It shows each address an email has been sent to, along with the open and click rates for that address. You can also view the content of each email, complete with personalisations.

The delivery log is visible after you have sent your first transactional email.

To access the full delivery log (1 from the image below):

  1. Click Transactional.

  2. In the right sidebar, click Delivery log.

You can also view the specific delivery log for a particular email by clicking the name of the template (2 from the image below).

Send status

In the delivery log, you'll notice a circle to the right of each email listed, which changes colour depending on the status of the email:

  • Green β€” The email has been sent with no errors reported.

  • Red β€” The email has bounced or been reported as spam.

  • Grey β€” The email is being held in a queue before sending is complete.


Click the number in the "Clicks" column for a quick glance at the content your recipient is engaging with in your transactional email.

If you click on an email address in the delivery log, you will see a list of every transactional email you have sent to that address. You will also have the option to View campaign activity, which will show you what marketing emails you have sent to that address, if any.

Resend transactional emails

If a customer reports they have not received a particular transactional email, you can resend it to them, so long as it was sent within the last 30 days. To do so, search for their name in the search box, then locate the appropriate email. Hover your cursor over the status circle, then click Resend.

The resend button, accessed via the status circle

You can resend sent and soft bounced emails, but not those that are in a queue or have been hard bounced.

πŸ‘‰ When you resend transactional emails that originally had attachments, the email will be sent without the attachment. This is because attachments are not stored in Peptalkr for security reasons.

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