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Measuring the performance of your emails
Measuring the performance of your emails
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Understanding the impact of your email outreach is a great way to ensure your recipients are getting value from your emails.

This article delves into the metrics that we can measure across the different types of emails Peptalkr can send —Transactional, Campaigns, and Automated Journeys.

Key Performance Indicators for Emails

Delivery Rate

Indicates the percentage of emails that successfully reached the recipients' inboxes, showcasing the efficiency of your sending practices.

Open Rate

Reflects the percentage of recipients who opened the email, a direct metric of initial engagement.

Click Rate

The ratio of recipients who clicked on one or more links contained in the email, indicating interest and deeper engagement.

Unsubscribe Rate

For marketing emails, this metric shows the percentage of recipients who opted out of receiving further emails, which can signal content relevance issues.

Bounce Rate

Represents the emails that weren't delivered due to various reasons, such as invalid addresses or server issues, highlighting the cleanliness of your email list.

Transactional Emails - how to measure performance

After configuring your transactional emails in Peptalkr, you'll gain access to a reporting dashboard found in the Transactional tab.

This dashboard presents a visual representation of key metrics such as total emails sent, open rates, and click rates.

To adjust the reporting period, use the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the chart, allowing you to view data from the last 7, 30, or 90 days.

Hovering over specific days on the chart provides more in insights into daily performance metrics.

Reporting for a specific template

If you want more specific around one of your email templates, simply click it's name in the list. This will open a similar chart, but with more detail specific to that template.

You can scroll down to view:

  1. Popular links that are clicked

  2. The latest emails sent and who to (limited to 60 days of history)

You can even search the delivery log for a specific email address, or click the subject line for a specific recipient to view the exact copy of the email they received.

👉 While you can report on clicks to web addresses, you won't be able to report on clicks that directly open a phone call or email address.

For example, if you have a button 'Call us' which links to a phone number via e.g tel:0200000000 or an 'Email us' which links to an email address e.g mailto:[email protected] - you will not be able to see any data about clicks on these. This is true of all email tracking - it just isn't possible. Link to a contact page instead of a direct phone/email if you want deeper insight.

Campaigns and Automated Journeys - how to measure performance

Peptalkr's Insights tab (found in the Send Email section) section offers a robust dashboard to evaluate the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. It allows for comprehensive analysis over custom time periods, up to 15 months, with hourly updates for campaign and journey data, and daily updates for subscriber details.

Navigating the insights

On the left hand side you'll see a number of options:

Email performance 📧


View all of your sent campaigns in one place, and analyse the overall and individual performance of them.


View all of your automations in one place, and analyse the overall and individual performance of them.


View the performance of all links you have across your campaigns and automations.

Subscriber activity 🤸


View your list growth statistics across all lists, including your patient list. If you see sharp spikes or drops - this occurs when your Active Patient Limit is changed on the Settings page of Peptalkr.


View the activity across all of your segments.

Measuring Cliniko bookings

If you have Google Analytics 4 implemented correctly with Cliniko, and you have enabled cross-domain configuration so that Cliniko can still track the 'Referral source' of bookings - then you'll be able to report on bookings that came from Peptalkr emails.

In Google Analytics 4 - you can filter your reports by 'Session source' - which needs to be set to 'Peptalkr'.

That said, GA4 tracking is not a perfect science - if someone was to call and make a booking after receiving a Peptalkr email, we can't track that. Or if they booked without clicking a link in the email, we can't track that either. For a complete picture of Peptalkr's impact on PVA (patient visit average) or Patient Retention Rates - you'll need to run reports in Cliniko and observe the changes to your key metrics since enabling Peptalkr's communications.

👉 Note about SMS: Peptalkr cannot track bookings from SMS, unless you added a lengthy tracking code to the SMS URLs - which isn't ideal as it adds a lot of many characters which can then cost more credits.

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