Transactional (smart) emails
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Make sure you read our introduction to sending email to get your head around when to use Transactional email before diving in here.

What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails are a vital part of Peptalkr's suite of communication tools, seamlessly integrated to elevate the experience of both clinics and their clients. Unlike marketing emails, transactional emails are triggered by interactions specific to each client. These could be appointment confirmations, reminders, invoices, or even personalised follow-ups.

Common examples of transactional emails:

  • Appointment confirmations

  • Appointment reminders

  • New patient welcome and intake form link

  • DNA recalls

  • Cancelled appointment recalls

  • Asking how a patient's experience was

  • Sending a patient important information about a product they just purchased

  • Sending a follow up after a surgery with post-surgery care instructions

  • Sending an informational pack to a patient after discussing a specific issue they are facing during an appointment

  • Sending a patient an annual appointment reminder

Marketing or non-marketing: Transactional emails are genberally used for non-marketing, however, you can choose whether each transactional email is marketing or non-marketing when configuring the trigger. If you choose marketing - you must add an unsubscribe link.

How to create a transactional email

Transactional emails are a two part process.

Step One: Create a template

Head to the Send Email tab and click Transactional.

Then click Create a new email.

Fill in:

  1. A name (just something for your eyes only so you can easily identify/report on this email.

  2. A subject line (to insert the patient name or other personalisation read this)

  3. A sender name and email (if you want to use your own sending domain read this)

  4. A different reply to email (optional)

  5. Select Do Not Add to a List from the dropdown

  6. Clicjk build your email

From here - you'll enter the email builder.

Once you have finished designing and customising your email, make sure you save it and press the Finish button to publish it.

You'll see a message: ready

πŸ‘‰ When you press finish - you'll see a message "Ready to start triggering" - this just means you need to connect a trigger to this email. Ignore the instructions below that - this is for advanced use cases only.

Step Two: Connect a trigger

Now it's time to create a trigger and connect it to your template. We have a great guide for that:

Voila! Turn your trigger on and it'll start sending the next time it finds a client matching the conditions of your trigger.

Avoid overlap - If you are replacing Cliniko reminders/confirmations - be sure to turn them off in Cliniko before turning them on in Peptalkr.

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