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Using the drag & drop email builder
Using the drag & drop email builder
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Peptalkr's intuitive drag-and-drop email composer is your creative playground for crafting beautiful, responsive emails that dazzle across all major email platforms.

You’ll use the email builder when crafting campaigns, automated journeys or our most powerful transactional emails.

Here's a snapshot of the email builder's sections, layouts, and diverse content options.

Email Settings

Under the 'Settings' cog, you'll find the controls for your email's global styles—colours, fonts, and spacing. This is also where language settings for sharing and unsubscribe links are adjusted.

Email Anatomy

Your email's structure consists of three main components: the header, body, and footer.


The welcoming committee of your email, the header can showcase:

  1. Your logo or an icon;

  2. Pre-header text;

  3. and a handy "view in browser" link.

To edit your logo

Hover over the logo/icon and click the bin icon to replace it with your own.

To edit your preheader text

If you're building a campaign, you do this in the Campaign & Sender Details screen once you exit the email builder.

But if you're sending a transactional email or automated journey, you click the cog wheel from the 'Build' menu.

To add or remove a "view in browser" link

Click the cog wheel from the 'Build' menu


The body is the heart of your email, divided into sections that house your text, images, and buttons. Customise these sections with background colours or images, and adjust the padding for perfect alignment.


Adding a new section allows you to select the number of columns and their configuration:

💡 Top Tip: You can even display/hide sections dynamically based on the segment the recipient is in.

You can add as many sections as you like and apply different backgrounds, spacing and images to them to create interesting and engaging layouts. Don't forget to use the 'spacer' block to keep your content from touching other blocks.

and arrange them to create engaging and clever layouts. Individual sections can have different background images, background colors, and column padding options. Spacing below each section can be adjusted.


Inside each section are 'blocks'. You've got several to choose from:

  1. Text

  2. Image

  3. Spacer

  4. Divider

  5. Button

  6. Video

  7. Social media links

Here's a quick reference guide as to what they do:





Headings and paragraphs

The text editing bar lets you select fonts, sizes, spacing, colour and other styling options.

Plus there's a cool AI writer button that can help you write unique content!


JPGs, GIFs and PNGs

The image tool lets you upload your own imagery. But it's also got a 'Browse free images' library or you can enter an image URL from your website.


Adding spacing between blocks or sections

Simply click and drag the little 20px to increase or decrease the spacing size.


Adding a divider line between blocks or sections

Adds a small divider line to break up text or sections.


Adding a button you can style the colour and size of

If you prefer buttons to hyperlinks, use the button block. In the button settings you can choose your text, link, size, shape, colour and more.

Great for links that need to stand out.


Adding video content from YouTube or Vimeo

The video block a shortcut - it automatically generates a 'still image' from your video, with a play button over the top. Clicking it will open up your video in browser window.

If you don't like the still, or want to change the play button then just use an image block to upload your own still+play button, and link it to your video's URL.

Social media links

Insert social media icons that link to your social profiles

The fastest and easiest way to provide links to social media. Simply tick the boxes of the social channels you want to include, and paste in the URLs to each profile. You can even style the icons to your liking.


The footer wraps up your email. Essential elements like your company details and the unsubscribe link ensure compliance with anti-spam laws, while additional content like privacy policies or permission reminders enhances transparency.

You can customise it by adding a logo and custom text.

👉 Important: All Campaigns and Automated Journey emails contain an unsubscribe link automatically, by default. Transactional emails require you to add one manually as transactional email can technically be a marketing or non-marketing email. Make sure you add one to remain compliant if your email is for marketing.

Preview and Test

Hit 'Preview' to admire your email on desktop and mobile, ensuring it looks flawless everywhere. And don't forget to 'Send a test email' to see your masterpiece in action before it hits real inboxes.

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