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Segment patients with NO upcoming appointments
Updated over a week ago

If you need to create a segment that only contains those without an upcoming appointment so that certain marketing offers/campaigns can be targeted to thse you are trying to reactivate - this is for you.

Custom fields you can use for this kind of segment:

  • Next appointment - this will be blank if they have no upcoming appointment.

  • Next *something* appointment - You will see a number of these segments depending on the appointment Categories you have in your Cliniko account. For example, you might have the option of Next podiatry appointment or Next massage appointment. This will segment based whether they have an upcoming appointment in a specific category.

We have pre-built a segment for you called Appointments - Has no upcoming
which you can use as is! However, if you want to get more specific - for example:

  • Patients who have had at least 3 appointments, but have none upcoming.

  • Patients who have had 1 massage appointment, but have no massage appointments upcoming.

  • Patients whose last appointment was prior to January 1st, who have no upcoming appointment.

Then you can create your own 😊

πŸ₯’ How to create segments for patients without an upcoming appointment πŸ₯’

Step 1: Go to 'Send Email'

Step 2: Click 'Lists & Subscribers' along the top of the page

Step 3: Click on 'Patients'.

πŸ‘‰ You may be tempted to press 'Create a list' - however, the list named 'Patients' is in sync with Cliniko, so you will be creating your segments inside that list. You'd only create a new list if you want a totally separate database - such as 'leads' or 'Competition entries'.

Step 4: Select 'Segments'. You will notice we already have some segments set up for you, have a look through those to see how you can utilise those in the future.
​Step 5: Click 'Create a new segment'.

For this example, we will want to create a segment of patients who have seen a certain practitioner but have NO upcoming appointments.

  • In the first drop-down menu, you will want to select 'Practitioners seen'.

  • Another drop-down menu will appear, and you can select 'contains' and then in the text box, you can type in the practitioner name.

  • You will then select the blue AND button

  • From the next set of drop-downs, you will want to select 'Next Appointment' and 'is not provided'

πŸ’‘ Using and/or rules

You can add any other mandatory conditions you need by selecting 'AND'.

You can also use the 'OR' rule to provide more than one possible field value - for example 'Practitioners seen contains Monique OR Nick'

  • Name your segment. Be clear with the segment name, such as 'Patients of Monique Clark with no upcoming appointments' and then press 'Save and preview'.

You will then see a list of all of your patients that have now been added to that segment. This is now saved and can be used in Campaigns or Journeys.

Segments are not applicable to Transactional email. They are just for marketing segmentation. Transactional email allow you to configure with even more specificity who to target, as part of the trigger creation process.

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