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How to send myself a test of a Campaign before sending
How to send myself a test of a Campaign before sending

Check your campaign links, appearance and personalisations before sending

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👉 This article is relevant to Campaigns. For Smart (Transactional) emails and SMS click here.

Testing campaign emails​

Before you send a campaign, you can do a quick test. With a quick test you can send your campaign to five email addresses or less. This will allow you to:

  1. Check the appearance on your email in the inbox

  2. Check that your links work

  3. Check your personalisation variables (e.g. first name etc.)

To run a quick test:

  1. Before you send/schedule your campaign, from the top of the campaign checklist page, click Send a test

  2. Enter up to 15 email addresses to send the test campaign to.

  3. Click Send.

This type of test will use fallback terms in place of your personalisation variables.

To test your personalisation variables

If you have included personalisations your campaign and you want to see how they will look for a real patient:

  1. Ensure you have selected a list or segment to send this campaign to (you cannot test personalisation without completing this step)

  2. Click Preview from the campaign checklist page.

  3. Select a patient fro the 'To' dropdown

  4. You can now see your personalisation variables hnave been replaced wikth this patients real data:

Once satisfied you can go ahead and schedule or send your campaign.

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