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How to send myself a test of a Campaign before sending
How to send myself a test of a Campaign before sending
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👉 This article is relevant to Campaigns. For Smart (Transactional) emails and SMS click here.


Quick tests

Before you send a campaign, you can run a quick test. With a quick test you can send your campaign to five email addresses or less.

To run a quick test:

  1. Before you schedule your campaign, from the top of the campaign checklist page, click Send test.

  2. Enter up to 5 email addresses to send the test campaign to.

  3. Click Send.

When testing this way, fallback terms are used for personalisations.

Testing personalisations

If you have included personalisations your campaign, you can preview it with fallback terms, or with a subscriber's personalised content. Click Preview from the campaign checklist page. Campaigns with personalised content will have these additional options available in the Preview display:

Preview display options

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