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How to edit your transactional email content
How to edit your transactional email content
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We've professionally designed you a range of transactional email templates for you to use - but you may want to tweak the text or make some visual adjustments before we switch them on.

Step 1: Open the transactional email you'd like to edit

In the Email Manager, click on the Transactional tab. Scroll down and click on the title of the email you'd like to view and edit.

Step 2: Open up the View and Edit screen

On the right hand side of the screen you'll see a View and Edit link - click on this. From here you can tweak your subject line, the 'reply to' email and even the sender name.

From here you can change the subject line, set an email address for replies, change the sender name and more. We'll have already configured this for you but you can change anything!

πŸ–– Want to send from your own domain (instead of - no problem! Check your email for one titled 'DNS Settings for Peptalkr' for instructions on how to do this or contact us and we'll send you the settings).
Then scroll down and click on the Edit Content button.

This will open our drag & drop email builder. All you need to to is click on the text you'd like to change and get typing. You can also click on any buttons and change the destination link or insert images, you logo, videos, additional text, buttons and more.

You can even insert personalisation into Transactional emails. Here is a list of all the variables you can use in Transactional emails.

πŸ–– Want to remove the Peptalkr branding? Of course you can! Just replace the image with your own logo (and delete the 'powered by' text or change it to 'sent to you from'). We've already sized that image area nicely for you so your logo should look great in there!

Step 3: Preview your email

Click on the green Preview button in the top right of the screen to view your email on both mobiles and larger screens. Happy? Awesome! πŸŽ‰ Press I'm done, return to snapshot then scroll down and click Publish changes then Confirm changes.

Step 4: switch them on!

Gone through your transactional emails and edited them to your heart's content and feel ready to turn them on? We're excited for you! To turn your email on you need to leave the email Manager and click on Settings in the Peptalkr main menu. Scroll down and you'll see on/off switches for all the Transactional emails. Simply turn on the ones you're ready to send.

πŸ‘‰ You can also change which template each email uses (for example, if you made a brand new template from scratch - click the cog wheel to assign that template to the email trigger.
If you need some help just open a new chat with us using the chat bubble in the bottom right of the screen and we can help you out.


☝️ Don't forget to turn off your Cliniko Email Reminders and Confirmations if you're going to be sending them via Peptalkr from now on. To do this simply open up each appointment type and set the 'Appointment Reminder Email' field to none and the 'Booking Confirmation Email' field to none.



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