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Customising your pre-built email templates
Customising your pre-built email templates

We've loaded up a bunch of pre-designed email templates PERFECT for health businesses. This is your shortcut to get sending sooner.

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We're all about saving you time - which is why you have 11 of our most popular types of automated email set up as reusable templates in your account.

These templates might just need a tiny little tweak or two before you start sending them off to your clients. It takes literally 15 minutes to customise them all.

This is an awesome place to start - because not only will you find some great ideas you can use Peptalkr for, you'll also be setting your account up for success by sorting out the all-important 'design bit' before you start playing around with the actual sending part.

⚑️ Here's how to zoom through your template setup.

One: Go to 'My Templates'

To check out the health-focused templates we've created for you:

From the Send Email tab, click on 'My Templates' in the top right corner.

Two: Select a template to start editing

Click the 3 dots and press 'Edit' to get started with one of your templates.

πŸ’‘ If you booked a personalised onboarding call with us, your templates will already have your logo and colours in them 😍 If you can't your branding in them yet - we haven't completed your custom personalisation just yet. It will be done before your scheduled call 😊 Feel free to wait for your call before you dive in.

We've got a tutorial video to make it all make sense:

To recap, you'll need the following on hand before you get started:

  1. Your logo in PNG or JPG format.

  2. Your brand colour hex codes (e.g #715CF4)

πŸ‘‰ If you don't know your brand's hex codes - you can use a website such as to upload your logo or another image with your brand colours in it, and select them from there.

You needn't customise the text yet - unless you want the default text in your reusable templates to change. But we suggest keeping our text there - and add your own text once you get to step four.

πŸ”— Inserting links into buttons

Each template contains buttons. While some will aready be linked to the correct destination, some require you to either enter a link or edit/delete the button if you don't need it. This table helps you to insert links correctly.

*The yellow outline indicates the button has no link currently. Buttons without a link added will be invisible in the actual email that sends.


Link type

How to add a link

Call us

Phone number

Link directly to a phone call by adding tel: followed by your phone number.



Email us

Email address

Link directly to an email by adding mailto: followed by your email address.


Find us

Google maps

Link directly to your Google maps address. To get this link, go to your Google listing and press

then copy the URL in your web address bar.


Visit our website

Web address

Link directly to your web address. Include the https://



Cliniko booking page

Link directly to your Cliniko booking page.


Three: Save your template

Once you've made your edits - save it and move on to the next template.

Four: Use your templates πŸš€

The hardest part is over! Now it's time to create an real, sending email from your re-usable template.

All of the 'My Templates we've added to your account are for use with 'Transactional' email - meaning, they are for sending targeted, automated email to your Cliniko database when certain actions occur - such as a booking, attending, cancelling or some set period after an appointment (such as a reactivation).

To create your first transactional email and trigger click the button below for all the steps (it's easy, I promise).

πŸŽ₯ Video Tutorials

Template name

What it's for

Transactional - Standard Confirmation

If you want to replace your Cliniko standard email confirmations with something more on-brand - use this template.

Transactional - New Client Confirmation

Slightly different to the standard confirmation, the new client version has different wording and a link to the intake form.

Transactional - Cancel Recall

Looking to follow up clients that cancel then don't rebook? This is the one.

Transactional - DNA Recall

This template follows up clients who failed to arrive to a scheduled appointment.

*Video coming soon

Transactional - New Client Feedback

Request feedback from your new clients.

*Video coming soon

Transactional - Standard Feedback

Request feedback from your existing clients.

*Video coming soon

Transactional - Standard Reminder

If you want to replace your Cliniko standard email confirmations with something more on-brand - use this template.

*Video coming soon

Transactional - New Client Reminder

Slightly different to the standard reminder, the new client version has different wording and a link to the intake form.

*Video coming soon

Transactional - Follow up care

If you need to send aftercare or other specific post-appointment info, this template lays it out simply.

*Video coming soon

Transactional - Reactivation

The ideal template for reactivating clients that haven't visited in a while.

*Video coming soon

Transactional - Welcome New Client

The new client welcome is a standalone welcome email that lets you introduce your business, send an intake form link and get the client acquainted with what happens next. Supplement the confirmation email with a welcome email, or roll them into one - the choice is yours.

*Video coming soon

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